DIY Linen Duvet Cover

Here is a helpful pattern if you are planning to make a duvet cover. The measurements for different bed sizes are included, so you can just follow the same basic pattern depending on what size duvet you want to make. The vertical lines that go down both sides indicates the seams that hold the separate pieces of linen together. This creates a classic line that runs down both sides of your duvet, while solving that "but my linen is not big enough!" problem. Those seams will answer all your duvet-making woes! I will show you how those seams look in the next few images.

DIY Linen Duvet Cover 1

Find file by magic pattern maching

There's no built-in feature of find to analyze the file content, but you can make it invoke file. Using the shell to combine multiple task-specific programs (find to traverse directory trees, file to analyze file content) is the Unix way of doing things.You want to act on files for which the output of the command file -b -- "$filename" contains the string PalmOS application. That can be tested with the shell scriptYou can use this script in a find command like this:Replace -print by the action you want to take (which can be another -exec ...). This second action is only executed if the previous action is true, which is when the shell command returns 0 (i.e. true).Alternatively, in zsh, you can let the shell do the directory traversal with the ** glob. The . glob qualifier restricts the matches to regular files (like -type f for find).In bash 4.3, you can use ** for recursive globbing, but you need to enable the globstar option first. In bash 4.0-4.2, globstar is already available, but beware that ** traverses symbolic links to directories. In ksh93, use set -o globstar instead of shopt -s globstar.If your file names do not contain whitespace or any of :"' then an alternate method is to run file on the file names and parse the output.If your file names contain whitespace but no newlines or colons then you can use the shell to do the parsing.

A pattern within the differences of pythagorean triples?

The well-known Euclid's formula is $A=m^2-n^2quad B=2mnquad C=m^2n^2$ and generates trivial triples, all primitives, doubles and square multiples of primitives but in a seemingly random pattern. A variation replaces $(m,n)$ with $(2n-1k,k)$, produces no trivial triples, and generates only the subset where GCD(A,B,C) is an odd square:$$A=(2n-1)^22(2n-1)kquad B=2(2n-1)k2k^2quad C=(2n-1)^22(2n-1)k2k^2$$ This formula generates a distinct pattern of sets that can be seen in the sample below where the increment between values of $A$ in each set is $2(2n-1)$ and $C-B=(2n-1)^2$.$$beginarrayc|c|c|c|c| n & Triple_1 & Triple_2 & Triple_3 & Triple_4 hline Set_1 & 3,4,5 & 5,12,13& 7,24,25& 9,40,41 hline Set_2 & 15,8,17 & 21,20,29 &27,36,45 &33,56,65 hline Set_3 & 35,12,37 & 45,28,53 &55,48,73 &65,72,97 hline Set_4 &63,16,65 &77,36,85 &91,60,109 &105,88,137 hline endarray$$Setting $n=1$ reduces formula to $$A=2k1quad B=2k(k1)quad C=2k(k1)1$$ and generates only $Set_1$ where $C-B=1$.Setting $k-1$ reduces the formula to $$A=4n^2-1quad B=4nquad C=4n^21$$ and generates only the first member of each set where $C-A=2$. Another unrelated formula generates only the rare triples where $B-A=1$ such as $(3,4,5), (20,21,29), (119,120,169), (696,697,985)$. That formula begins with $A_1,B_1,C_1=3,4,5$ and then builds each triple based on its predecessor: $$A_n1=3A_n2C_n1quad B_n1=3A_n2C_n2quad C_n1=4A_n3C_n2$$There are an infinite number of these but they get scarcer with altitude; Excel can only generate 19 or them before resulting in trailing zeros. The $19^th$ is $(211929657785303,211929657785304,299713796309065)$.

DIY Linen Duvet Cover 2

Fill cells with a repetitive pattern in excel

It's actually fairly easy when you think about it. It will get the desired result

What is Saga design pattern?

The Saga Pattern is as microservices architectural pattern to implement a transaction that spans multiple services. A saga is a sequence of local transactions. Each service in a saga performs its own transaction and publishes an event. The other services listen to that event and perform the next local transaction

Repeating pattern of empty lines

Full program. Prompts for text, then for ratio of lines with text to lines without (as two integers). Runs forever.Try it online!'' prompt for text and juxtapose with an empty string/ prompt for replication factors and replicate stack them on top of each other repeat until the value changes (i.e. never): output

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