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1. How often do you wash your beach towel and swimmers?

i often wash it twice a week. if u do this it will help your towel and swimmer to get from fast tears

2. how can i keep my beach towel soft?

Fabric softener... and do not wash them with clothes or use bleach

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3. how much does a walt disney world beach towel cost if i buy one from the parks. ?

I would suggest buying towels from Walmart or Target for like $10. If you buy at Disney expect to pay $20-30 bucks each. Tshirts at Disney generally start at $20 and go up. Sweat shirts are between $30-50 bucks.

4. How can a make a beach towel using bulletin board paper for daycare summer display?

I think you should staple a beach towel to the bulletain bord and maby you can add a paper bucket and a paper shovle or you can also add fake sand

5. Where can I find a Nemo beach towel with just Nemo on it?

Just Beach towels is where I found mine, online. I will add a link for you!

6. Poll: what is the best design you've saw on a beach towel?

Once, I saw a guy with a Chuck Norris beach towel. I wept tears of blood.

7. Where can I find a really REALLY big beach towel in the UK?

Have you checked with They sell all kinds of beach paraphenalia including beach towels. I will bet they will have the oversized towels you are loooking for. Good luck with your search.

8. Is the Vera Bradley purple punch beach towel real?

yess! you should get it because i loveeee that printtt ! haha!

9. California flag beach towel - where to buy?

Go for something more creative. You can order online from the Los Angeles Coroners Office store a beach towel with a dead body chalk outline on it. That is much cooler than a California flag beach towel and it's only $25.


DIY DOC has the right idea short of that drill hole in wall and put a green slug in there then put towel up and screw in to the green slug thats about the only 2 ways to do it with diy doc's method u would have to watch the weight of the towel

11. A Green towel bled onto a beach towel, can I get the green off of the beach towel? I haven't dried the towel.

It will probably come off by just washing it in hot water and a little bleach, you might have to do it a few times

12. Where can I find a Jonas Brothers beach towel?

Ok, heres what I did. I wanted a Jonas Pillow Case,(weird, I know) so I went to Walgreen', and sent them a picture that I made (I put together a collage of pictures, but you can just send them an already doctored photo) and they printed it out on a pillowcase. You just tell them where your local Walgreen's is, and they will send it there, or sent it straight to your house. They had everything from Picture Frames, to pillowcases, Beach Towels included!

13. When you start using your last beach towel after the shower is it time to do laundry?

No - it's when you've used your last washcloth as a towel! THEN, it's time to do the wash. Sonny.... at least he had potential past "The Sonny and Cher Show"

14. Where can I find a zebra beach towel????????????!?

you can find it in the mall, Target, Wallmart, or an animal print store.tell your sister i said congratulations!!

15. How much water does a regular beach towel absorb?

Not much. I find that beach towels are not absorbent, they are not too plush so you can shake the sand out of them. After many washings, they are a little bit more absorbent.

16. Striped beach towel!?

Why does it matter what your beach towel looks like? Go to Target or something...They have a lot of towels, it's where I got my penguin one from :)

17. American Flag beach towel?

in my opinion, if you do not intend for it to be disrespectful, then it is not. If you want a towel with the American Flag on it out of respect then you are about a mile ahead of half of the people in this country who enjoy all the freedom of being an American without ever lifting a finger or taking time to stop and thank the soldiers who allow them the luxury of being an American

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