LBL64885-Flannel Duvet Cover Twin XL Size Navy Blue Color

OPTIONAL: You can add an optional duvet insert (or more correctly duvet) to your duvet cover order. We have five choices for this. Please order above. • Discount Duvet: Add a light weight duvet with bonded polyester fill, a white color poly cotton blend shell fabric with a tack and jump quilt pattern. • Better Duvet: Add a duvet with poly silk like filling that feels and responds just like down. This duvet is a medium all weather fill with a white cotton shell and up market box stitching. Enjoy the feel of down without the price. • Best Duvet: Add a duvet with genuine down and feather filling, approximately half of each. This duvet is a medium all weather fill with a white cotton shell and up market box stitching. • Ultimate Duvet: Add a genuine down duvet, considered the ultimate. This duvet is a medium all weather fill with a white cotton shell and up market box stitching.

LBL64885-Flannel Duvet Cover Twin XL Size Navy Blue Color 1

Apple Pie with Pie Shell?

Buy a pkg. of Tenderflake lard or Crisco shortening and follow the pie crust recipe inside. Once you've made that up, keep 2 circles for your pie. Freeze the rest. Roll out one crust and line bottom of pie plate. Slice 6-8 apples into plate and heap in centre. Sprinkle with 3/4 cup sugar. Dot with butter. Add cinnamon if you like it. Cover with top crust, crimp edges and bake at 375 for 45 min. Voila! You are done.

Thought experiment-shell theorem

The shell theorem states that a test particle in a spherically symmetric system experiences no net force from an entire shell of mass at a radius greater than the radius of the test particle. So for some shell larger than your red circle, the contributions from that entire shell needs to cancel. However, you've split such a shell into pieces; some of the shell is in the green region and some is in the blue region, and then you've invoked some contribution from mass interior to the red circle to cancel out a contribution from outside. This is where you went wrong. You need to cancel each piece of mass at a constant radius with other pieces of mass at the same radius. This is not obvious from a geometrical analysis alone, you need some calculus to verify it. A small amount of mass on the nearby side of an exterior shell will be compensated by a larger amount of mass on the distant side. Also note that your analysis gives a qualitatively correct result; the net force on the test point must be directed radially inward, because it only feels a contribution from mass interior to its position (and the y-component in your diagram is trivially zero)

LBL64885-Flannel Duvet Cover Twin XL Size Navy Blue Color 2

Call shell script "inline” in another shell script

if you want to include env variables, you can set those variables in a file, and then source that file in your script.For example: in myconfig I could do:then in my shell script:and that would work.

Arrays in Unix Bourne Shell

A way to simulate arrays in dash (it can be adapted for any number of dimensions of an array): (Please note that the use of the seq command requires that IFS is set to ' ' (SPACE = the default value). You can use while ... do ... or do ... while ... loops instead to avoid this (i kept seq in the scope of a better illustration of what the code does).)

Where is the login shell defined?

TL;DR: Actual Answer:First of all, it's important to mention that shopt is bash-specific. For instance, I am mksh shell user, and it does not have shopt , just like ksh does not .Next, what exactly login_shell is supposed to represent ? From man bash:login_shellThe shell sets this option if it is started as a login shellThat's the key point. sudo -i , as you already know from previous answer you read, is supposed to simulate initial login. That's why shopt reports login_shell on for this option. Think of this as if sudo -i forces the shell to go through files that are supposed to appear only during a login process ( which do not get sourced by interactive shells).In other cases, you already are running an instance of a shell, so it cannot be login shell in the first place, and the purpose of the options is different. sudo -s merely reads $SHELL (which is meant to represent your default shell as set in /etc/passwd) variable and runs it with root privilege. This is equivalent to doing sudo $SHELL or sudo mksh or sudo bash ( whichever you happen to use).Remember I mentioned that I am mksh user ? Take a look at this:What you see is that sudo -s jumped from bash to my mksh shell, with the characteristic prompt I've set for it. And of course, since it is not a login action, for bash it would report that the shell is spawned as non - login shell instance. In my case, however, you see that $- does not have a letter l there, which would be there if that was a login shell instance.Finally, the same idea applies to sudo su and sudo su -. Later one spawns login shell instance (i.e., specific files that are required for login will run) and former one spawns only interactive shells (i.e., login files do not run). So technically, shopt login_shell has no relation to $SHELL whatsoever. Think of it this way: its purpose is to show how bash runs. $SHELL is supposed to reflect only what you have assigned in /etc/passwd. As for the difference between login shell and non-login shell, it has been explained by highly-respected Gilles on in this answer. Additional funHere's something fun you can try. As you may already know, a login shell will run .profile (and .bashrc since Ubuntu's .profile is configured to do so) , but non-logins hell will run only .bashrc file. So we can test with echo which of these commands runs a login shell and which does not , and we expect two lines of echo for login shell and only one for non-login.Appropriately enough, those with two lines of output will have login_shell set to on.

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