10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Curtain

Considering that curtain may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about curtain for you to get started.

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Curtain 1

1. How should I decorate my bedroom? (I am a teenager)?

I think you need choose a decorating theme you like and more functional furniture. Generally speaking, there are mainly four decorating themes: 1. Vivid theme. The main color is yellow and orange. We suggest using orange carpet, yellowish-white curtain, and wall painted white. The sofa and ceiling should be in light gray color, with some green plants to embellish. 2. Romantic theme. The main color is soft pink. Sofa, cushion, and curtain all in soft pink and it is good to have light blue shadow on it to create a different romantic feeling. 3. Classic elegance theme. The main color is rose and light purple. Using rose carpet and sofa, sofa color should be denser. The curtain can be light purple with light shadow character. Living room wall painted grayish-white. 4. Fresh theme. The main color is light green and sky blue. This is a very simple living room decorating : wall and ceiling painted sky blue, using white living room furniture, most importantly, you need a light green curtain.

2. shower curtain in or out?

The liner goes inside the tub the actual curtain goes outside

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Curtain 2

3. Need Wall Decor suggestions for a Men's Bedroom.?

how about a very light seafoam green/lime color . Then with either painted or a wall paper print of greek chains as a border to the ceiling - some trendy posters, dark towels for some contrast to the light color on the walls and a clear see thru shower curtain. Maybe a large colored basket for a hamper and a magazine rack next to the toilet with young mens magazines.

4. how can i a get ross dress for less stores to repair my bathtub which was badly stained from a shower curtain?

hi. I went to Marshalls on the instant here in STL. perhaps u have been between the nice and comfortable chicks I observed in there. ought to've mentioned hi. i do not think of it fairly is costly in any respect. they have Calvin Klein/Perry Ellis/and so on. denims for 25 dollars. I observed some Polo denims that have been initially like one hundred fifteen or a hundred and fifty or something for 40 dollars. And the ladies human beings's decision is so plenty extra helpful. Ross gown For much less must be the bomb diggity, yet i've got under no circumstances heard of it. this is in STL, Marshalls is the place it fairly is at. TJ Max, too. Owned by ability of an identical ppl. i like paying for from the city outfits shops internet site. ..yet once you think of Marshalls is costly, beware. LOL. stable success; there is often eBay i assume. shops good now (Macy's, Sears, and so on.). i am stocking up cuz i am movin' to HK

5. How to update bathroom?

You might want to get you parents' input on the project before you start, since they use it as well. (Dad might not be too wild about excessively frilly, floral, pink or zebra-striped anything, lol.) The easiest change to make in a bathroom is linens and shower curtain. When we were looking to liven up our bathroom, we lucked out and found a 15 piece bathroom set at Walmart of all places for under $20.00. It came with a patterned shower curtain, matching rugs (the cut-out one for in front of the toilet & a rectangle one), and fabric-covered shower curtain rings that matched in a brown, tan, cream & red. At the same time, we also picked up 2 pairs of towels - one solid (tan) and one in a brown & tan stripe that went with the colors in the curtain. By far, it was the easiest redecorating project we've ever done. Walmart, Target and Kohl's are good places to look.

6. What color curtain should i get for my sand wall color wall in the living room?

Red or a pretty shade of purple would look nice I think

7. Should We Use Washing Machine For Curtain Cleaning?

Can We Wash Our Curtains Using Our Washing Machine? The answer to this question is actually to ask yourself this question, "Does it fit inside?" Your washing machine may have all the features it needs to clean your clothes and even your precious curtains. Washing machines in general are very powerful and clean up anything you put inside. The problem is not so much on whether it cleans well or not, but if your curtains can fit inside. In general, yes, it is possible that you can clean your curtains in your own washing machine, but understand that it may not be big enough. You should consider having a professional team clean it all up for you. This saves you time, stress, and can allow for you to clean the other parts of your home, including your windows. Curtain cleaning is best to have done at a washing and drying store where they can wash it in their larger washing machines that can handle big machines. Did you know that you can save money when you do this? Why? Simply because when you wash one curtain in your own washing machine, chances are it will only fit in one big one. You will then be using up electricity to be doing it again for your other curtains. When you let a professional team do it, you can let them wash all of them over and over again. You can be sure that they will become so much cleaner than usual. How to get your curtains washed There are some companies who will properly take care of all the things needed in order to get your curtains cleaned up. Most companies in this country will pick it up and deliver it to you. You can have a professional clean it, and you can be sure that they wo not wrinkle anything, make the curtains smaller, or change their color. In Singapore, it is always a very good idea to have them cleaned from people who know how to maintain the accent of the fabric. Curtains are pretty delicate pieces that are added to the house. If they are washed and dried up wrong, they can look completely wrong. This is usually a big problem for most of you people to go through since you do not want to buy another curtain. Just get them cleaned the right way and save yourself some money.

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