Fabricant de linge d'hôtel ELIYA & Fournisseur - Dédié à la vente en gros de linge d'hôtel dans le monde entier depuis 2006.

Marque de linge d'hôtel Eliya

Why Choose ELIYA

ELIYA hotel linen manufacturers has a professional team for product design, development and management. The team endeavors to create new product patterns and product lines to guests' satisfaction.
Meanwhile, all our hotel linen products have passed the ISO9001 quality control system, ensuring the best quality and service for our customers.

Professional: 15 years experience in offering hotel linen to luxury hotels and resorts; Material guarantee---own cotton field to support 1 class cotton yarn; 3times of 100% inspection during the whole process.
Excellent designers: more than 15 years working in 5 star hotel; VP member in China Hospitality Association.
24 hour on line service
3 Commiments: repair/replace/refund
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ELIYA Hotel Linen Brands Quality standard
"GB/T 22800-2009 Star Travel Hotel Textiles", "GB 18401-2010 National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specifications", FZ81005-1993 "Stitching Products Standard", "GB/T 17685 Down Feathers", FZ-T62007-2003 (sheets), FZ/T62005-2003 (quilt cover) quality standard, FZ-T62006-2004 "Towel Quality Standard";
We offer customer excellent service. Our service is comprehensive - from initial consulting to after-sale support.
Our service is professional - we have a professional service team to work with you throughout the whole process.
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ELIYA Hotel Bedding Company Quality cotrol
ISO Management System Certification
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Fournitures d'hôtel professionnelles pour la maison, expérience d'hôtel professionnel de haute qualité de vie.
Tél: 86-020 3910 2888
Mobile:86 189 3398 9901
WhatsApp &Wechat :+86 189 3398 9901
Courriel : info8@eliyalinen.com
Ajouter: B16, parc industriel technologique de Huachuang, village de Jinshan, district de Panyu, Guangzhou, Chine.


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