Best Couch Pillow Reviews 2021

Knowing just which details to add to your interior design can be a bit challenging for many people, driving them to scour the internet for an array of ideas- many of which are difficult to duplicate. This can be frustrating, and leave you feeling like your home decor is simply, blah- rather than warm and welcoming.

Forget those DIY tutorials and impossible to duplicate decorative budgets, and stay simple. Couch pillows and decorative throws are incredibly easy to add throughout your home for couches, recliners, and other sitting areas. They also work in displays on chest and trunks, or placed in large baskets. Take a look at some of our favorite couch pillows below for a quick and easy way to bring your living areas to life.

What to Consider When Shopping For Couch Pillows

Couch pillows are decorative, and although they can be used on a couch, they also fit into your decor anyplace you feel they belong. Take a look at the following considerations to help steer you in the right direction pertaining to which style of pillow may fit your needs the best

Probably the most important thing to consider is the color and patterns of the pillows you are taking a look at. You do not want anything to clash with your existing decor, rather you want them to compliment it. Choose colors that are within the same color family as what you already have, and pick from splashes of color that highlight and bring your room to life. There are many color wheels online you can look at for matching various choices.

When considering patterns, be sure you think not only of the color, but the placement you have in mind for them. Add them to solid color couches and chairs, or mix and match with other solid pillows in baskets to provide interest and texture.

Couch pillows come in a surprising array of various shapes and sizes! Square and rectangular pillows are amongst the most common as they work well with the lines of existing furniture. However. What better way to add detail to your home with something unexpected?

Round, deep box-like pillows, and cylindrical bolsters are all an unexpected shape and provide depth and interest to a room. They are fun and easy to add to a wide variety of spaces for an added decorative touch.

Mix and match the various shapes, and of course, the sizes, to provide a great way to show off your style. When you have a variance of choices you can change up how your pillows are displayed regularly as well.

Do not forget that pillows can have various trims and textures as well. Piped, fringed, rope, textured, lace-like, and other trim choices can be a fun way to add an unexpected pop of interest to your seating areas. Do not go overboard, however, as too much of a good thing can end up looking busy and unrefined. But choosing one or two statement pieces can bring an area to life.

These are the same rules you should follow for pillow texture as well. Pillows come in all sorts of choices other than just a smooth material. Look for soft velvets, faux fur, embroidered, and quilted surfaces as yet another way to provide something new.

If you love the idea of adding pillows to your living spaces, but are unsure of where to begin, take a look at these simple tips and tricks to inspire your pillow selection and display.

• None Always display an odd number of pillows at any given time. Odd numbers help create a more interesting and visually pleasing look. The eye is better able to follow the pattern or design created by the placement.

• None Provide a 70:30 ratio of large pillows to small pillows, solid to patterned, and smooth to textured. This allows your more decorative choices to stand out without being overwhelming.

• None Pillows should match your existing decor, but look for a complimentary hue rather than the same. Remember, you are adding interest.

• None If you prefer a more modern look, be sure to stick with sleek, smooth materials and either bold or neutral color palettes. Occasionally a fun faux fur choice may work well with this style.

• None More rustic or country style decor will benefit from texture and pattern options being included in the mix. Just do not overdo it and make it look too busy or cluttered

Our Picks for the Best Couch Pillow

There is truly an incredibly huge array of couch pillows from which you can choose from, and it would be impossible to share ALL our favorites here. However, we have picked from some the most popular with consumers and provided a variance array of choices for you to consider.

Be aware that some of these choices are the pillow cover and you need to provide your own insert. The reasoning behind this is to allow you the opportunity to save money by covering existing pillows you may already have, or easily change out covers for new looks by season or as you see fit.

Mixing and matching patterns can be difficult to shop for. Not only do you need to find a pattern that works, but you also need to find the colors that work together as well. These pillow covers take the effort out of this task and provide 4 different patterns that are perfectly matched with one another to avoid clashing.

These geometric designs have a southwestern flair and provide a teal green, gold, black, and natural color palette in a set to work as a pop of color and design to your neutral colored furniture. They also work well with deep blues, reds, and yellows and stand out as a complimentary detail. 18 x 18 inches square, they work with all standard pillow inserts.

• 4 different patterns and come as a set

• Works well with a wide variety of furniture and colors

Who This is For

If you do not want to take the time to find matching patterns and like the idea of a well packaged set, this is a great option.

If you love flowers and color, these round accent pillows are the perfect choice for your sitting areas and as a pop of color in baskets throughout your house. Because of the wide range of colors these come in, and the realistic detail they provide, you can mix and match them to provide a wildflower color of pallets to wherever they are placed.

Available in 12", 13", and 14" rounds, these pillows provide 27 different color and texture choices. Made from wool, faux wool, suede, and cotton canvas, each one is unique in its detail. These are an excellent way to add to your couches and other sitting areas, and provide a textured, 3D look to your room.

• 3D pop is awesome and provides great detail

Who This is For

A bright, unexpected pillow that takes on the details of flowers is a great statement piece. These are an excellent way to add a little garden to your favorite sitting areas.

Faux fur is not just a fad for teens, it is an awesome way to add texture and depth to your living areas. You do not want to overdo it with these choices and add more than one color, mix and match various furs, or have an abundance of fur- rather use them as an unexpected textured pop here and there on couches and chairs.

Available in 3 sizes, you can pick and choose from rectangular 12×20 inch pillows, or 18 x 18 inch or 20×20 inch square pillows in 9 different color choices. They are also reversible, and offer a lightly lined, and patterned fur with the other side providing a soft, velvety feel of a micro-plush. These are filled pillows so you do not have to buy a separate insert. They also are easy to machine wash.

• Runs a bit flat and may need extra stuffing

Who These Are For:

If you love the rich feel of soft fur and deeply dyed, rich colors, these are awesome choices. The sizes are also a great way to find what works best for you.

These heart shaped pillows provide yet another novelty look to your couches, chairs, trunks, beds, baskets, or anyplace else you may want to place them. They also look great in baby nurseries with their soft, pastel colors and textured knitted materials. Their delicate features lend themselves well to just about any decor and are acute, detailed addition without standing out.

Add one or two to large spaces and mix and match them with larger pillows, texture, and patterns. Available in cream, taupe, or light pink, they are only about 10 x 11 inches overall to keep from overwhelming your space. Made from a soft cotton blended material, it is like a small hug, which is what the company would like you to be inspired by.

• Soft and complimentary to many decors

Who This is For

If small details are a part of your interior decor, these small heart pillows are perfect for both contemporary and more rustic options. They also are perfect for gift giving!

Cable knits are all the rage, but also provide a comforting and traditional look to many decors when added in an unexpected manner. These pillow covers are made from a soft acrylic for long lasting wear, and come in 3 neutral colors to fit a wide range of home decorating styles. Available light gray, beige, and cream, they measure 18 x 18 inches and can fit a 20 x 20 inch insert for an overstuffed look.

Set one or two of these out with a shaped pillow (as seen above) or even faux fur. They also look great with quilted throws, and a wide range of more neutral colors. Do not get too crazy by adding too many knitted choices, rather use them to compliment other couch throw pillows for a cozy looking sitting area.

• Beautiful cable knit has a lot of stretches so you can overfill

• Looks great with all neutral colors and with faux fur!

• Hand wash only or will stretch out

Who This is For

If you love wearing sweaters, you are going to love the cozy look of these pillow covers to bring new life (and a seriously comforting look) to your couches.

When you want a bit of a fancy look overall, but prefer more traditional colors and smooth surfaced pillows, take a closer look at the detail the trim provides. These soft velvet cushion covers are lined with a delicate pom-pom border and add a touch of class to contemporary and traditional home decorating styles.

Available in 20 colors, and 7 different sizes, you can mix and match with other couch pillow options to get the best array of decorative pillows possible. They also look great in a variety of other places, and the rich deep dyes, pastels, and neutrals are sure to work with your existing home palette.

Who This is For

These are a great choice for a bit of added detail to a more modern home, or can easily mix and match with faux fur and patterns for a more rustic looking decor.

When you want to add a pop of color and style to your home, but are not interested in long, drawn out projects and are limited by a budget, adding some couch pillows to your spaces is the perfect solution.

Available in a wide array of colors and styles, as seen above, you can easily stay within a budget and provide a personalized touch throughout your home. We would love to hear about which options we've shared are your favorite, and see how you've integrated similar ideas into your home!

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Good Pillows?

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