Can I Machine Wash a Duvet Cover That Says Dry Clean Only?

You can if you never want to use it again

Can I Machine Wash a Duvet Cover That Says Dry Clean Only? 1

1. Need Eeyore & Bumblebee Duvet Cover?

yeah, try ebay. or good luck

2. Can you put an electric blanket into a duvet cover? ?

It is not recomended that you cover an electric blanket with anything

Can I Machine Wash a Duvet Cover That Says Dry Clean Only? 2

3. Can you find me a brown and white duvet cover?

check out bedbathbeyond online or target

4. How find a down comforter to fit my new duvet cover?

You should buy the comforter first & then get the cover to fit,not the reverse,lol. I guess you will just have to keep looking or buy a slighly smaller one

5. Does anyone know where I can find a twilight or new moon king sized duvet cover I can only find them in queen?

Hot Topic should have them. If not you can always check on ebay. If this doesnt help, Borders is coming out with Edward and Jacob duvet covers in early 2010

6. duvet cover in hong kong? is the biggest "ebay" site in China so you can find heaps of stuff there

7. Do You Know Were I Can Buy A Bright Green Duvet Cover?

One could buy a white duvet cover and custom dye it green or any colors

8. What exactly is a duvet cover?

Duvet is like rajai. Duvet cover is similar to pillow covers that are quite large in size for covering of duvets. Mainly, it is the covering for the giant filling flat for taking over you in winters and keep you warm

9. Does anyone know a good place to find a discontinued Pottery Barn Duvet Cover?

Being that you've already tried E-Bay and Craigslist, I would actually recommend checking their retail stores (calling or going personally). The catalogs, internet, and retail stores often have different distribution channels and have different inventory sometimes...I really wish you the best of luck! Hope you find it!! Another good place is an outlet store.

10. After removing your duvet cover from the duvet, do you button it closed again before washing it?

Yes. I close the end so it does not get all tangled up in the washer. Also, so small items do not get lost inside it during the laundry cycle. I usually hang it outside so that it dries with fewer wrinkles.

11. Can you help me find a cute black and white bedding set? Or Duvet Cover set?

You could look on ebay. They have lots of brand new bedding sets that come straight from factorys. Hope that helps goodluck :)

12. Where can i find a duvet cover like this?

Look on ebay... they have everything!

13. Can I buy a Duvet cover that is 86X86 for a down comforter that is 90X90?

you can do that, or you could buy one that is slightly larger and take it to your alteration lady and have her customize it to your needs. Just as a thought though, when down comforters are "extra fluffy" and all bunched up, it can get rather toasty under the covers

14. Which is the best to buy a comforter or a duvet cover and why?

It all depends on your situation. For example, if you have messy children who like to run around in everything, you may want to invest in a duvet because this can be taken off and washed. If you are by yourself, go for a comforter. Deffinatly more in style but harder and more expensive to clean.

15. What is the best way of ironing large duvet cover?

Taking care of and maintaining a large duvet cover can be challenging because they are often harder to launder and iron. If you are cleaning your duvet cover and are searching for the easiest way to smooth it out, you should consider hanging your duvet linen over a railing or shower curtain rod so that it can air dry and the wrinkles can smoothen out naturally. You can also try tumble drying it on low heat for less than 20minutes to give the duvet cover a soft finish. Make sure that you air dry your duvet covers when it is still slightly damp.What is the best way of ironing large duvet cover?

16. Is there any way to turn your duvet cover and insert into a conformer with some sewing or other method?

yes. Just put the "insert" into the duvet cover. Sew the opening shut. Then using a needle and thread quilt it. Should take you several days.... but it can be done

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