Of course you can. The whole purpose of a duvet cover is to be able to remove and wash it. If the bunny pee went through to the comforter I would wash that, also. Follow the instructions found on the tag inside the duvet. If you can not find a label, cold water on gentle cycle should cover most delicate fabrics. You could maybe use a bit of bleach if it more than a cup!


1. What is a duvet cover?

A doona cover

2. Where can I find a single duvet cover with a campervan on it for a teenager?

Nowhere, but you can always find throws with just about anything. Try and google "camper throw"


3. Should I get the duvet cover that's under this quilt?

Your quilt is so pretty. There is no reason to cover it up. Duvet is usually for plain white comforters. If you need more warmth, add a blanket under your quilt.

4. (Duvet) & Duvet Cover are really scratchy?

try Trish's answer and if no joy take the articles back as not fit for purpose

5. what's the best way to finish the "open" end of a duvet (cover) - snaps, a button-down flap over the top or ?

I would finish it with velcro. . . easy to do and you could do it so that nothing shows (buttons, snaps, etc.)

6. what is the difference between comforter, duvet cover and coverlet?

If you think about seeing those large, luxurious, heavy, quilted, puffed-up tops that go over your blanket etc., usually with matching bed-skirt and pillows..that would be a comforter. A Duvet is a "pillow-case" cover for a large thin size duvet & like a comforter comes in many sizes. A coverlet is just a simple thin "blanket" of sorts usually used for accessorizing those other two... I hope this helps!

7. Which duvet cover should I buy?

I would choose number 2. I love the tree branches and the calming color palette

8. Where to buy a bedspread/duvet cover?

This can be tricky. I know it sounds simple, but it is tough finding good quality. I found mine at TJ MAXX. I would also try, - Nordstrom - Pier One Imports - Nieman Marcus - Home Goods Good Luck!

9. Whats the difference between a duvet cover and a conforter?

Duvet cover is an outside shell of a comforter that you can remove to wash and change. Think of it like a sofa slip cover when you want to change the color/fabric on your sofa but do not want to buy a new sofa. Duvet covers can be interchanged. Comforter is just that. It's bulky and usually requires dry cleaning or a front loading heavy duty washer to launder.

10. Can I machine wash a duvet cover that says Dry Clean only?

Duvet Cover Only

11. How can I keep my duvet in place inside the duvet cover?

well the best way would be to sew it but since you cant it is probably best that you tie the ends with comforter clips which you can get from bed bath and beyond. check out this website

12. DOES ANYONE else have a hard time w/ their DUVET COVER ????????

lay the cover and spread the duvet over it, then hold the 1st top corner and insert it in the cover, then do the same for the other corner. Once u have the top in, do the same for the bottom. It usually takes me 2 minutes to do that for a king sized bed!

13. How do I get rid of nail varnish stain on duvet cover AND duvet?

Test a small area to make sure nail polish remover does not dissolve the fabric. If there is any nylon or acetate in the blend, the polish remover will melt it. Also try some Oops! or Goo Gone. Both are inexpensive and usually safe for almost all fabrics. Unfortunately, you may end up dying your duvet cover if it is a very large stain. I am so sorry!!

14. is this great or too good to be true (duvet cover)?

ur link just take me to the home page....dont know which set u are talking about but ide say customer reviews are pretty important

15. Question about a duvet cover for a toddler bed?

ikea sell duvet covers for toddler sized duvets.. a twin duvet may be to big

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Single duvet cover sets aren't just for kids. While not all adult sets have a single version available, many do -so youcan adorn your bed in checks, stripes, florals, plain or statement bedding to suit your dcor.Think carefully about the fabricbefore you part with your pennies. With cotton, a lot of people assume the highest thread count means the best quality. But the opposite can be true -a better quality fibre with a lower thread count can feel softer and last longerthanmaterial with lower quality fibre and a higher thread count.Look for single ply yarnmade of extra long staple (or at least long staple) cotton;avoid triple ply thread, which is made with cheaper, weaker and less durable cotton woven together in a more thick, dense and less breathable thread.And remember, best quality cotton bedding is usually between 180 and 300 thread count.Sateen weaves are also popular.These have more vertical than horizontal yarns, which make them softer, although be warned - they are more prone to tearing and pilling. Then there are more intricate weaves including jacquardand damask, which last exceptionally well although tend to be pricey.Probably the most commonly available fabric is cotton-polyester blend - often known as polycotton. It's affordable, washes well, doesn't need ironing and lasts. But because it includes synthetic fibres, it is more likely to stain and can make you wake up feeling hot. Polyester can also irritate sensitive skin and create that static feeling.Also consider how the duvet cover closes. Do you prefer ties (looks smart), poppers (quick and easy) or buttons (top quality) - Casper even does one with a zip.Back in 2007, advertising professional Peggy van Neer and her partner Erik designed a duvet cover and fitted sheet to look like a cardboard box and most profits went to - and still do -helping the young homeless people across Europe.They've since expanded the range to include some real corkers with quirky photographic prints for both adults and children, all of which stay true to their original promise of 100 per cent soft cotton sheets.They look as good as new, even years later, but need a good iron after every wash.Buy now Casper is best known for its new generation, bed in a boxfoamcore mattresses, but the brand does equally sumptuous bedding.This set, which comes in white or one side white/one side slate, is made from soft to the touch but exceptionally durable, extra long staple Supima cotton.We like the zip on the duvet cover - great for those who feel life's too short for buttons, ties or poppers. And you can include their sheets in your set too, if you're so inclined.But although you won't damage them by putting them in the tumble drier, they come out quite crinkled - so not for those who like their sheets to look ironed when they're not.Buy now Fancy some floralsbut without getting too granny esque about it? 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They wash beautifully, with colours that never fade.Buy now Not only is linen on trend, but it's naturally breathable -which helps keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, as well as being anti-allergic.Linen sheets are very low maintenanceand best when left to dry naturally. With this set - which is printed with one colour on each side, with loads of options to choose from - stonewashing has removed the stiffness, and each duvet cover has a single yellow button in honour of the Eve branding.You can complete the set with sheets and also buy each item individually.Buy now Another linen set, this one is French - and looks it. You can imagine it being right at home in a big airy room on an antique oak bed in Provence.That said, the stripes, with plain white underside, make it a versatile set that will suit most decors, and it's soft and cosy right from the off, thanks to being pre-washed and pre-shrunk.Don't bother ironing it - the crumpled look gives a nice, casual finish. And like the Eve set, the linen keeps you cool in summer and toasty in winter.The housewife-style pillowcases have coconut shell buttons for a sophisticated finish.Buy now This statement duvet in different shades of grey with bold dandelion print will transform the dullest of bedrooms,witha contemporary geo pattern on the underside.The polycotton is particularly soft and easy to clean, and it keeps its colour well -but as with all polyester and cotton mixes, it can make you feel a bit damp on muggy nights.Buy now We love Snurk - it's one of the most innovative duvet cover manufacturers around, and their Le Clochard Bedding Set stands out ethically too, with most profits going to charity. For a winning combination of softness and durability, our vote goes to The Casper Sheets IndyBestproduct reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.
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