Comforter Or Duvet Cover on "Weeds"?

I am looking for the same thing!!!!

Comforter Or Duvet Cover on

1. Do you think that this comforter set is too wild?? (LINKS)?

its okay for a lil kid :) w.e she wants

2. What color paint to match black and white comforter?

What about a nice sky represent the day.. or a darker blue to represent the night. but if your creative you could figure away to use two colors to represent day and night. Just not black and white. You do not want to much of one color in the same room. Especially if you want things to stand out.

Comforter Or Duvet Cover on

3. Is $100 reasonable for a comforter and two shams?

That is really reasonable. Try also Tuesday Morning, a store, if you have one in your area. Really good finds here

4. what's the softest Down comforter or what's the thickest (most feathers) Down comforter i can buy and where?

Softest Down Comforter

5. Can a down comforter be machine bleached and washed?

NOPE,, Dry clean ONLY!!

6. i want a comforter/bedspread that will glow in a black light?

all you have to look for is something with a white design on it. because white glows under a black light,

7. Can I put a dry clean only comforter in the dryer?

I mean you can but I would not recommend it. If you are going to use low heat/ tumble dry. Try using febreeze to get the smell out too.

8. "dry clean only comforter" can it be washed in the washing machine?

Dry clean means dry clean it has to do with the flocking I am sure and you do not want it ruined. Sorry, I know it is not the answer you would like but I have to be honest. Bed spreads can be very expensive and I would hate for yours to get ruin washing it.

9. macine wash a down comforter?? anyone done it?

As long as the fabric is washable, it's fine to wash down, you just have to machine dry it with something in the dryer to fluff it up. Tennis balls work, and they also sell these things called "dryer balls" that have little nubs on them - they will fluff it up and help make it softer

10. Is a duvet and a comforter the same?

tearsoft has it ^

11. how to get red pen off of a light purple comforter?

try this "Clorox Anywhere" you can find this at any of your local stores. it might take more than one application. rinse well between each application

12. which one is better - a down comforter or a duvet?

you do realize that a duvet covers the down comforter much like a pillow case covers a pillow right?

13. Can I wash a comforter that says DRY CLEAN ONLY?

I would not wash it. Not unless you want it to come out smaller. Tell your dry cleaner what the stain is so they can treat it

14. Can a Down Comforter be washed in washing machine? or hand washed?

wash them all the time. DO take them to the laundromat though they Do get tooo heavy for a home washer and will burn the motor or transmission of your washer. You do have to use their oversized dryer and dry on med to low or you will scorch your comforter. It will take an hour or more to dry. Wher I work we have dropp off service and wash them for $17.

15. Are most quality comforters dry clean only?

Not necessarily. It really depends on the type of comforter you buy. Sometimes when the tag says dry clean only I will take my comforter to the laundry mat and wash in the washer with cold water on the gentle cycle and dry on the lowest temperature and the comforter will come out all right. If you do not want to do that you could always use DRYEL. Where you do the dry cleaning at home by tossing what ever you want dry cleaned in this bag and toss in your dryer.

16. Which comforter do you like better for college?

A queen size will be too big for a twin XL bed. You have previously asked about the other one and I still like it.

17. What fabric should I use to make a comforter?

Make sure it's light weight, I made one a long time ago, using what I thought would be durable cotton. Ended up being so heavy it was uncomfortable to use

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