Do U Think This Duvet Cover Will Match Key Lime Walls?

yes I think it would look cute

Do U Think This Duvet Cover Will Match Key Lime Walls? 1

1. I need to remove a nail polish stain from my duvet cover?

Looks like you are out of luck, because it's hard to remove nail polish from anything unless you use nail polish remover, and that would ruin the duvet cover. Why do not you just flip it over, so the stain is on the inside??

2. Challenge: Can you find an aquamarine/turquoise/pool blue duvet cover for under $100?

Wal-Mart! DUH! The place for every thing

Do U Think This Duvet Cover Will Match Key Lime Walls? 2

3. Need Eeyore & Bumblebee Duvet Cover?

have you tried amazon or ebay . you could try this link, or the big stores like Debbenhams or shops that cater for children

4. DOES ANYONE else have a hard time w/ their DUVET COVER ????????

have it dry cleaned and let the cleaners worry about it!

5. How do I clean my duvet cover? It is covered in feathers.?

if you have the time--wash in front loader with laundry balls or tennis balls will work. Then throw in the dryer on med to low heat with the balls and a large clean and dry towel and let tumble until dry and back into shape. dry cleaning will strip oils from the feathers and make them brittle and poke through the fabric. if you do not have time--tell the dry cleaners to wash it for you they will know how

6. What do I do with this duvet cover?

Ok color wise for room, keep ceiling white, ivory, creme or very light color and choose a light beige color for walls. for around the room, stick with the neutrals but pick two colors that stand out, maybe a a little black and blue to keep the masculine/feminine equal. You can use things like lamps, rugs, wall art, sheer curtains to add the color.

7. looking for the best duvet cover!?

Any certain prints that you like? I always found JC Penny, Khols, and Delias to be really good for bedding

8. Where do you get an insert for a Duvet cover?

You answered your own question. You can also use any comforter for a change

9. what is a duvet cover?

Neither. It is a cover for a duvet or a comforter

10. Can I put my down comforter in a duvet cover?

putting any comforter in a duvet cover is the smart thing to do. Not only does it keep the comforter clean, but they come in all kinds of color to give your bedroom that extra boost. I have two dogs and they manage to always get on the bed when Aim at work. Needless to say at the end of the week I take off the duvet cover and throw it into the wash...its easy and alot easier than trying to wash a King comforter

11. where can i order a duvet..? not the duvet cover (bag)..?

Ikea has great prices on comforters (the part that goes into the duvet) and has combos at really great deals. Good Luck!

12. Can I use a NZ queen duvet cover on a US queen comforter/duvet inner?

Matching the size of your duvet cover can be stressful but most duvet cover sizes are made with the dimensions of the mattress or the bed in mind. Therefore, if you have a NZ queen duvet cover and needed to use it on a US queen comforter, the best thing that you can do is have your duvet custom made so that the fit can be tailored to your queen comforter. As always, you should look for a duvet cover that has corner ties that can allow the comforter to be secured inside. Please note that not all duvet covers have this feature so be careful when making your selection process.Can I use a NZ queen duvet cover on a US queen comforter/duvet inner?

13. The best way to iron a double duvet cover?

Do not iron it!

14. Any ideas for lengthening the sides of a full-queen duvet cover?

Well, about the only thing you can do is add some sort of border, maybe a ruffle in a contrasting fabric? Either that, or put a regular bedspread on the bed, and put the duvet over that

15. Paint to match my new duvet cover?

White would go best with it or a delicate shade of lavender. You do not need to get whatever that's going to out way the quilt. Black all in all goes nice with Gold however so one can just be method to overpowering for the softness of Gold. What ever colour you decide on make it mild and soft nothing daring

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