Do You Have to Buy an Allerzip Mattress Cover?

how would they know? i've never heard of someone returning a mattress for any reason.

Do You Have to Buy an Allerzip Mattress Cover? 1

1. What do I bring to college?

Iron, toilet paper, paper towels, disinfected spray, mattress cover

2. When you put a sheet over your head for Halloween, are you a ghost or a mattress cover?

It depends. If you stay quiet, then you are a mattress. If you go "OOOOOOOoooooooooo" then you are a ghost :D You can be both if you choose to be!

Do You Have to Buy an Allerzip Mattress Cover? 2

3. My question is has anyone ever used one of this 12 volt car heaters?

Lol. Last winter the heater core on my son's Jeep Cherokee got plugged-up and would not provide any heat. So I bought one of those 12V car heaters at a high-end auto parts store. Here's the results: 1. The thing screams like a hair drier, which is essentially what it is. 2. It draws a lot of power, enough to dim the headlights at idle. I am sure it would run the battery flat in a few hours if the engine was not running. 3. It does not put off much heat. It was just enough to keep the windshield from fogging over when placed on the dash pointing at the windshield. When it was really cold he said he put it inside his coat to warm up. I imagine that in a stationary vehicle it would eventually get warm enough, but at that point your battery would be dead. You could keep the car running to recharge the battery, but then you might as well use the built-in heater. Besides, if you are sleeping in your car and have the right sleeping bag and clothing, you do not need a heater. You will already be warmer than sleeping in a tent. Just be sure to leave a window cracked open a bit to let in fresh air so you do not suffocate from CO2 build-up. If you have room under the hood to put a second battery, you might consider adding a deep cycle battery and isolation/charging controller. Then you can use a 12V heated blanket or mattress cover throughout the night. Even if the deep cycle battery gets run flat, the isolater will prevent your main battery from also getting run flat, so you will still be able to start your car. There are also portable 12V power supplies you can bring to run the heated blanket without risk of running your main car battery flat.

4. When you put a sheet over your head for Halloween, are you a ghost or a mattress cover?

Are you round or square?

5. Can allergy shots make allergy symptoms worse?

Allergy shots usually do not make matters worst, but sometimes when you are having congestion problems, your shots may need to be adjusted to more frequent during this time and can be re-adjusted later when you are not having problems. You may also need a sinus spray (do not use more frequent than instructed) and an antihistamine to assist with your congestion. It is important not to ride with your vehicle windows down and do not sleep with your windows open. Try to wear a dust mask when you house clean and sometimes you need to put mattress cover and pillow cover on the bed (no feather pillows). You should also throw out any potpourri, not have flowering plants inside your home; avoid perfumed detergents, try to monitor any foods also that cause you to be congested also

6. I have a down mattress cover that will not stay on the bed. does anyone know what I can use to hold it?

You could stitch elastic on the diagonal at the corners maybe 6 to 8 inches in and slip those under the matress

7. can you clean a goose down mattress cover at home? or it has to be taken to the cleaners.?

you can buy a product at home store that is "home dry cleaning"...I forget what it is called, but I do know they make it. Check out Walmart or local grocery store in laundry section.

8. Where can I buy a plastic mattress cover to protect my daughter's bed while potty training?

I bought something like that at Walmart. It's not really plastic, but some sort of waterproof fabric. It's the same size as the mattress

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