Do You Use Cloth Napkins at Home...???

Nope! I hate doing laundry so why add more to it? lol

Do You Use Cloth Napkins at Home...??? 1

1. what to do while waiting?

It's the perfect time to do some things around the house. I would do some cleaning or a load of laundry

2. Whats the difference in laundry detergent?

No, HE detergent is not required for this machine. In an HE washer MUCH LESS soap is needed, and HE detergent is basically already made to be cut down for you. If you do not want to buy HE detergent, use HALF of the amount of detergent you are used to using.

Do You Use Cloth Napkins at Home...??? 2

3. What chores would you suggest for kids?

hahaha At 2??? uhhhhh...... pass you clean dishes out of the dishwasher 5, uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Fold towels in laundry. 7?!?! Feed the cat. 12, mow the lawn

4. Doing laundry with a baby?

I am too paranoid to leave my son sleeping and to do the laundry. I usually wait until hubby is home, or leave laundry day to his days off(and then he usually does it lol)

5. What are some small businesses with a high profit margin that a 52 yr old female can start?

Depending on your area, a mobile laundry service can be extremely lucrative. If target according to the strongest pain point (not because they have laundry but because they can not , wo not or hate doing it) If you really niche (ie., new Moms, Seniors, Post-op recovery, College students) the profit can be quite good. Startup is very low. Id spend well on a website that offered scheduling but ALWAYS answer your own phone if giving the number

6. Question about Laundry!?

3 categories: whites, hues, and everlasting press. I basically did my laundry final night. I did one maxi-load (extra advantageous than a triple load device, smaller than the massive washer) of whites, one maxi-load of hues, and one unmarried-load device of everlasting press. Now i am solid for the month. I also have a bog down in my bathing room, and a pair of widespread plastic tubs for storing laundry. The tubs sit down in the back of a chair next to the window and that i positioned a pillow on actual of them so my cat has a superb window perch. I shop funds, water, and potential by no longer doing partial lots. additionally, Edit: i do no longer positioned on something comfortable, so i do no longer could desire to do a comfortable load. particularly situations I do could desire to throw in an extra load for the cat mattress and cat blanket(s) if he has been laying off lots or if he throws up on some thing that's rather washer-friendly. (He many times nails the carpet.)

7. Have you ever moved far away from you're home?

Raymond, If you have little money try moving there during the summer so you can stay at a camp ground in a tent for a few days while you look for work. It will have water, showers and laundry but wo not cost as much as a hotel. Check out Craig's List for jobs in the area or temp agencies for whom you can work and get paid right away. You could sleep in your car at the camping site if you do not have a tent, or if you are a member of a church - ask one of the local churches if anyone is willing to help you out with a room for a few days.

8. Outlet in laundry room is dead

Good diagnostic info!What happened: there is a short in either the cable between outlet A and B, or in the receptacle at outlet B. Have you tested connectivity/resistance between the poles on outlet B? You might find the short. If this setup was kinda sketchy in the first place, other electrical work may have disturbed it just enough to cause a short; it's happened to me when working around around 75-year-old wiring. If the current wiring was fished through the walls, it is possible to use it to pull new wiring. However, if it was installed while the walls were open, it will probably be stapled in. Horizontal runs are also not likely to be fished. So depending on the location of outlet B, it may be easier to run new wiring (e.g. down the wall into your basement) than replace the existing

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