Duties of the Father of the Bride (part Iii of Iv-6 Weeks

Duties of the Father of the Bride (Part III of IV-6 Weeks before the Wedding)The traditional duties of the Father of the Bride during the six weeks before the Wedding Day and up to the actual Wedding Day include:1.

Maintain a calm and loving tone in his home, in spite of tension, chaos, last minute pre-wedding jitters, and problem solving.


If asked to help, ensure the wedding and wedding reception invitations get done and mailed out six to eight weeks before the wedding.


Offer to help out on follow-up calls, running errands, and helping to take over your wife's normal tasks including helping to take care of making meals, house cleaning, buying groceries, and anything that helps ease the tension for your daughter and your wife.


If this going to be a do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding, help arrange transportation and pick up of chaffing dishes, chairs, linens, flowers, and anything else that is needed for the wedding or the wedding reception such as: decorations, plastic ware, or paper goods, or the wedding reception food (from places such as Costco, Wal*Mart, or your favorite local deli).


If the wedding is being done by professional wedding specialists at a professional wedding venue, then you should follow up and help coordinate with the various wedding vendors such as: wedding planner, wedding venue, caterer, photographer, linen rentals, table and chair rentals, table covers and chair covers, wedding florist, music vendors or DJ.


Make sure that you and all the men have been fitted for their tuxedos or suits.


Pick up your tuxedo from the tux shop.


Email, text message, or call the Groom to make sure that he has double checked with his father, his Best Man, and all of his Groomsmen to ensure they have been fitted for and have picked up their tuxedos or suits from the shop.


Help your wife and daughter with any last minute details/errands.


Back up the Groom, by double checking out of town guest's travel arrangements and arrival times and ensure all guests have ground transportation and living accommodations (especially for those quests who are older family members who may be coming to the wedding and wedding reception). Offer to help pickup and transport quests if necessary.Special note for LDS Father of the Bride-11.

An LDS Father of the Bride should ensure that all the friends and family members have their current LDS Temple Recommend with them if they are planning on attending the LDS bride and LDS groom at their LDS Temple Sealing (LDS Wedding).


If the reception/open house will be held in an LDS Cultural Hall, the LDS Father of the Bride should make sure that he has arranged to have borrow keys to the building for the night before the LDS wedding reception to help set-up tables and chairs, or have someone meet him at the building to unlock it with a promise that he will ensure that the building will be empty, cleaned, and locked up after the reception/open house. As the Father of the Bride, you will traditionally be the last one to leave the venue.


It would be highly appropriate for the LDS Father of the Bride to touch bases with friends and family who are not going to be attending the LDS bride and LDS groom Temple Sealing, and let them know that they are welcome and invited to come to see the bride and groom come out of the LDS Temple, as husband and wife, sealed for time and all eternity.


If the LDS Father of the Bride will be one of the two Witnesses at the Temple Sealing, he should let the Sealer know ahead of time.


The LDS Father of the Bride should ensure that his daughter has her Temple Recommend, and she (and the groom) has the necessary approvals, including a Living Ordinance Recommend.


The LDS Father of the Bride should ensure that the LDS bride and LDS groom have reserved a Temple Sealing Room for their LDS Wedding (Temple Sealing) well in advance of the event.Please also see: Duties of the Father of the Bride (Part I , II and IV) Copyright 2010-2011 WeddingLDS.com & Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D.

Duties of the Father of the Bride (part Iii of Iv-6 Weeks 1

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