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What is the deal about 100 nights trial period for mattresses in India? Which companies provide this?

There are many mattress brands in India. But these mattress trials are offered by the upcoming online mattress brands. Their business model is simple: offer customers one or two variants of mattresses that have been designed taking into consideration different human body types and needs; set clear prices; sell online, cutting out middlemen so that prices are 40 per cent lower; ship free to customers, offer them a 100-day trial during which they can return the item for a full refund.There are numerous brands in India offering the same. Here is the list of best mattresses offering trials in India as per Dual Comfort MattressSleepyhead Memory Foam MattressNX Gen Memory Foam Mattress with Cooling GelSunday Latex Plus 3 MattressSleepyCat - Gel Memory Foam MattressSunday Ortho Plus 3 MattressSunday Memory Plus MattressHush Spine Supporter MattressHush Ergofoam Foam Mattress


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Has anyone experienced feeling very hot after sleeping on a memory foam mattress? Is there any solution to this?

Yes you are right. Lets 1st understand why this happens .Memory foam is kind of a PU foam however with higher density. Due to high density and close structure , there is not much place for air to move around. Given this it absorbs your body heat and gets hot. Hence it is very important for a mattress to have some breathing technology to ensure air can move around and doesnt trap body heat.Check out The Sleep Company Smart GRID Mattress: This is a patent pending technology invented by scientists and sleep experts from DRDO to relieve pain points and provide comfort.Free Air Flow Technology: The SmartGRID has more than 2500 air channels that help with breathability and ensure body heat is not trapped so you feel cool and comfy. Happy & Healthy Sleep


Toddler pooping to get out of quiet time

If you have tried rewarding her for pooping before or after quiet time, how about letting her know that now that she is a big kid, she will have to wait until the end of quiet time for a diaper change? You should never punish a child for using a diaper -- it can lead to disastrous messes -- but you can let her sit in her soiled diaper for an hour. I would bet the farm it will happen 1-3 times before she figures out that you will clean her up afterwards and you won't be mad (seriously do not let her know if you are mad) and that sitting in a soiled diaper is smelly and unpleasant. She will choose on her own to be clean.I would suggest leaving her in a diaper until you solve this part of the problem, because her success is your success.


What is an impulsive force?

Impulsive ForcenThe force that two colliding bodies exert on one another acts only for a short time, giving a brief but strong push. This force is called an impulsive force.The impulsive force is much stronger than any other force available at that point of time and acts on an object for a very short interval during collision or explosionIt is defined as the rate of change of momentumnImpulse mv-mu(momentum change)nImpulsive forceImpulse/timeExamplesn1.Long Jump:nThe long jump pit is filled with sand to increase the reaction time when atlete land on it. This is to reduce the impulsive force acts on the leg of the athlete because impulsive force is inversely proportional to the reaction time.n2.High Jump:nDuring a high jump, a high jumper will land on a thick, soft mattress after the jump.This is to increase the reaction time and hence reduces the impulsive force acting on the high jumper


Is an organic mattress better for health?

Getting an organic, chemical-free mattress is the best thing you can do for your kid's health and development. Today's conventional mattresses contain a wide array of harmful chemicals and toxins. A few hightlights: nPBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers): Can interrupt the development of the brain and cause permanent changes in behavior, including hyperactivity. Children with higher concentrations of PBDE at birth scored lower on tests of mental and physical development between the ages of one and six. Developmental effects were particularly evident at four years of age, when verbal and full IQ scores were reduced 5.5 to 8.0 points for those with the highest prenatal exposures. Chlorinated Tris: Causes cancer, birth defects and reproductive harm.Boric acid: Otherwise known as cockroach roach poison. Get an Organic Kids Mattress, made with chemical free materials such as Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, 100% natural latex, and even coco fiber.


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Do you need a mattress on the Moon?

A rock surface might or might not be comfortable, but certainly there are lighter and more compact alternatives to mattresses that would be comfortable in lunar gravity.In the Apollo Lunar Module they used lightweight hammocks, and astronauts made a point of reporting how much more pleasant they were to sleep in under lunar versus on the Earth:"We ran a simulated night in the simulator before we went - and got a lousy night's sleep. When you get to one-sixth g, it's just terrific; but you try to sleep in those hammocks in one g: not terrific.

" - Dave Scott, Apollo 15 Commander ( were other issues with sleep comfort, mainly related to poor spacesuit fits. From Apollo 15 onwards they would remove their spacesuits to sleep, which helped a lot. Much more information available here:


What is the difference between innerspring and foam mattress?

Buying a mattress depends on the variety of factors and needs you have. Practically, there is not much difference between the two. Innerspring mattress transfer more motion when the patient sleeps over it. Foam mattresses, on the other hand, offers better contouring. For back sleepers, innerspring is the best option. However, the craze for memory foam is strong, and with the advancements like gel memory foam, the comfort level is high gaining more demand. This is the biggest difference between innerspring and mattress foam. Hospital bed mattress manufacturers design these mattresses that can offer comfortable sleeping experience to patients.When it comes to comfort and support, memory foam mattresses are a better option than innerspring. Compared to innerspring, memory foam mattresses carry some better features making it worth investing for hospital purpose. Hospital mattress manufacturers are designing cushions that match the need of hospitals.


How can I choose the right Tempur-Pedic mattress cover?

Buying a foam mattress can be a stressful thing, but it is also an important part for those who have a sleep disorder or body pain issues. The foam mattress should be engineered well with safety, comfort and durability. There are different types of foam mattress designed with different features to give comfort to your body. If you look for tempurpedic mattress cover, check out the different models that suits your need and body comfort. The basic features are:Comfort Layer: This determines the comfort of the mattress and the level of Tempur- Adaptation.Support Layer: It provides support to your body and distributes body weightBase Layer: It serves as the base for Tempur material layers. While looking for termpurpedic mattress, make sure to have good knowledge about the quality and features it carries. You can seek assistance from a reputed mattress dealer for medical need.


What's the best mattress for lower back arthritis?

There are many reasons for back pain. Some of the common reasons are poor posture, tension, pulled muscles or a slip disc. A proper mattress will go a long way in reducing your level of discomfort.Latex/Memory/Coir Foam Mattresses on their own do not offer the adequate Firm support from beneath . Inner Coil Spring Mattresses resist weight sink in the mattress by providing an interactive upward orthopedically correct support aligned to your body.Therefore the best mattress to provide a luxurious comfort to help you sleep faster & provide the right orthopedic support is a good quality Snoozer Medium Firm mattress model as also recommended by the leading health journal The Lancet .Also Firmness is subjective and personalized comfort preferences can be adjusted later on - to a more Firm feel by using a 'Firm Pad' or a softer plusher feel by using a 'Mattress Topper'.


Why are hotel beds so comfortable and how can I get one for my bedroom?

Hotel beds are so soft and comfortable because of the mattress pads/toppers they use combining it with several mattress covers and bed sheets. Quality of these plays a very important role, for example, natural latex foam mattresses are frequently used in the most luxurious high-end hotels thanks to its durability, breathability, softness and support at the same time. Hygiene matters too, e.g. how often all these additional covers are washed. Usually what creates that "sleeping on a cloud" feeling is a thin layer of a latex foam topper together with 2-3 extra soft bedsheets on top. Feather beds are another type of bed covers that create extra softness. Finally, invest in good bed linens, such as Egyptian cotton. Please feel free to visit this blog to learn more about the most natural, soft and comfortable bedding.


How can I choose a comfortable gurney mattress?

Choosing the right mattress is definitely important because beds are where you lie down and take rest in a relaxed manner after all day's work. Here are few important steps which will help you purchase the right gurney mattress:Always choose high density foam. The foam provides comfort and protects your back from getting distorted or harmed. Make sure that the mattress is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Germs induced in the mattress can cause you detrimental allergies. Further, the germs can probe into contaminating diseases. Choose mattress according to your comfort zone. Gurney mattresses have three layers: top foam layer, middle layer that transforms pressures to denser areas and a final bottom layer that will prevent your back from getting in touch with the hard ground.Take stain resistant and durable mattresses. Mattresses need to be cleaned at regular intervals. Purchasing stain free mattresses will reduce the cleaning work.


What's the principle used in infant breath monitor devices?

Baby Alert... has a special microphone to be placed under a cot mattress, which sends out an alarm if the child's heart stops beating for four seconds, or if breathing fails for 15 seconds.According to one recent newspaper report, the alarm, has been shown to "wake the child and prompt breathing", and could dramatically cut the number of fatalities from sudden infant death syndrome, or "cot death". ... Some are attached to the baby's tummy; others, like the Baby Alert, use a special pressure pad or mattress, while one wall unit beams out ultrasound waves above the cot.All these devices work by detecting changes in breathing movements in the chest and abdomen. When breathing stops for longer than a pre-set time (usually 20 seconds), an alarm will ring and a light start to flash. Some monitors also measure temperature and heartbeat.quoted from The truth about baby breathing monitors

(read more at the link)


What is the best mattress for firm sleepers?

Whenever people talk about firmness in the mattress, the only mattress comes in my mind is the latex mattress. Natural Latex mattress is the best and has a uniform level of firmness that is required for the stability and alignment of the body. It supports the body and helps you get rid of back pain (in case you are suffering from it). There are many brands in the market which offers latex mattress and claim to be natural and have natural firmness and springiness to provide you support and bounce at the same point. However, you need to check all the brand carefully and buy from the one which is certified in it.If you want to buy a latex mattress from an authentic mattress brand, then browse through this online mattress store to get the one at a reasonable price with free delivery.

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