How to: 8 Ways to Get Your White Duvet Cover Clean

If your white duvet cover has dirts and stains that can not be possibly lifted with just detergent and water, you can use sporadically bleach or oxiclean powder to clean up all the stains and keep your duvet cover squeaky clean. However, you should only do so only in case of persistent dirt and stains as too much bleach can damage the fibers of your duvet cover.

How to: 8 Ways to Get Your White Duvet Cover Clean 1

what are some good cover songs that have already been done?

First 2 that i thought of : -The Doors' People are Strange covered by Echo and the Bunnymen -David Bowie's All the Young Dudes covered by Mott the Hopple

In the state of Texas, will an insurance policy with the vehicle cover an unlicensed driver?

You have to sue them any way. Whether their insurance covers the damages or not is THEIR problem, not yours. File the claim any way. If they deny you can sue the driver directly. The problem here is the mother suffers from poor judgement. Whether insurance covers poor judgement is a very good question. :)

How to: 8 Ways to Get Your White Duvet Cover Clean 2

Why do I get scary dream if I don't cover my head with a blanket?

You too, huh? In my case, I've determined that it must be a sort of primal instinct. When I was very young, I would sometimes distinctly hear my name called out just as I was falling asleep. I would sit up, waiting to hear if it was my parents, really anyone, calling me. Just silence, and an eerie feeling. Also, I remember TV series, like "Chiller" and "Creature feature". Very scary for me, but I looked forward to watching, knowing full well I would regret it by being kept up all night thinking monsters or skeletons would come after me in my sleep. I learned that if I covered up my ears, I would not hear my name called out anymore. And I also felt safe from the monsters, as if they could not recognize a sleeping person.Animals usually try to find an enclosed area to sleep. Turtles draw themselves into their shell. I think it's similar for me. Obviously a blanket is not going to protect me, but it was at least a psychological comfort. I think it helped ease the anxiety of feeling vulnerable and it was the anxiety that would cause my scary dreams. Did not stop them completely, and I learned that hearing your name before falling asleep is quite common. All I care is that I feel safer, true or not.Why do I get scary dream if I do not cover my head with a blanket?

How can i write my name on a game cover?

I use a felt tip pen

Why Obama does a publicity Golf Magazine cover with Tiger Woods after Woods disgraceful conduct?

Hate to burst your bubble, but this is not a picture of the two of them together. It is a photo shop one put together several months ago by the magazine. Obama and Woods have never played golf together. Also, although I do not like it IF Woods actually cheated on his wife, so do millions of other men and women in the country cheat every why try to make it sound as if Woods is a special case? I did not see any headlines when my neighbor cheated on his wife...did you? By the way, I am not a supporter of Obama or his administration and policies...but let's at least try to be fair if we are going to trash him okay? If not, it makes you and us look uniformed and just another member of the Obama haters club that the Democrats accuse us of being.

I am getting married in a mosque. I must cover my hair. Does this mean I wear a hijab?

serene, if only u knew more about islam. jennifer,.i hope u become a muslim. ill remember u in my prayers :) salam and happy wedding

Should I cover my new tattoo while I sleep?

Maybe put a lot of cream on it while you sleep and cover it with a breathable bandage?Clean it before you go to bed, and then again when you wake up. You can always let it breath during the day. Its best to cover it rather than have it grow scabs that seem to come off when they grow onto clothes and bed sheets.

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