I Bought a Duvet Cover . . . and I Need Help!!?

Most modern duvets can be machine washed! But you might want to check if there are washing instructions on the tag from the manufacturer

I Bought a Duvet Cover . . . and I Need Help!!? 1

1. Does anyone know where I can find a pinstripe duvet cover?

Have it made. Find your fabric and have it done. It's the only way you will get the exact fabric duvet you want. It's not as costly as you think and frankly could cost less if you are good about finding the right place to do it. It's just like draperies. You are never going to find the exact thing you want over the counter. ..you can find something to make do only. Fabric stores are fabulous with so many choices. Work with a designer

2. What is the difference between a duvet cover and a comforter

A duvet cover is used over a down comforter traditionally and can be changed out. It's basically a huge pillow case for your comforter. And a comforter is exactly that. It's the actual comforter that you can cover with a duvet.

I Bought a Duvet Cover . . . and I Need Help!!? 2

3. What is a Duvet Cover?

It's a cover for a duvet. A duvet is a quilt for the bed.

4. Where can I find A striped white and gray duvet cover/ comforter?

Check out stripped sheets. When you find one that is the color you want buy FLAT sheets to make a cover. EX: If your duvet is a single then you should be able to use a king size flat sheet. Fold it in half and make sure it completely covers the duvet (or you can measure the size of the duvet and look for sheets that will either completely cover one side or is twice the size of the duvet and fold the sheet in half). Sew around the edge and at the hem side fold it over and put large matching buttons on the top of the flap. Put velcro on the underside to close. No duvet? Put clean blankets inside. Sew or pin together at the corners so they are easy to clean

5. What is a duvet cover?

it is sorta like a sleeping bag you put over you down cover to keep clean. you just unzip and throw cover in wash

6. how do you get burns out of a duvet cover?

You can not , the hair straighteners were hot enough to damage the material. The brown marks are the physical damage left behind, like a bad scar it will fade eventually a bit but never really go away. Just get a new duvet cover, silly mistake but you will be more careful now, most likely.

7. Where can I find info on how to make a bedspread or duvet cover?

Buy two flat sheets a size larger than your bed. (For example, if your bed's a full size, buy two queen size flat sheets.) Choose two patterns you like and that complement each other. With a sewing machine, sew three sides together, wrong sides on top of course. On the fourth side (either the head or the foot of the bed), sew on buttons and make buttonholes. Voila! You have a duvet that suits your taste and that is reversible.

8. Can you put an electric blanket into a duvet cover? ?

It is not recomended that you cover an electric blanket with anything

9. what do u think of thiis polka dot duvet cover frrom pbteen?link inside?

This is cute no matter what age, the only time i think duvet is age specific unless it has characters on it

10. What do I put in a Duvet cover?

You can put an old comforter inside it or even a blanket. The only thing that matters is that the cover and the comforter/blanket are the same size. If Duvet cover is full size then the thing you put inside must also be full size.

11. What is the best way to keep a comforter from moving inside of a duvet cover when you sleep at night?

I turn the duvet cover inside out, then match up the corners with with comforter. Then I twist rubber bands around the corners, about two inches down. Once the cover is turned right-side out the comforter will stay put.

12. what's the difference between a duvet cover and a comforter?

a duvet is like a pillow case for the comforter, you can change the look of the comforter by putting it in the duvet

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