I Need Advice on a New Bedding Set!?

I agree, that color combination is wonderful. I think it will look alright. It will probably bring out more of the brown tones that your headboard has. Go for it, and good luck bidding. I hope you do not have too much competition, so you can get it at a reasonable price.

I Need Advice on a New Bedding Set!? 1

1. My husband and I just bought our baby girls bedding set and now trying to decide what colors to pain the walls?

Cutest bedding ever :) I really like the colour of the walls in the big picture, a sort of creamy yellow colour. Then I would pick one of the others maybe the pink or lilac?

2. Which crib bedding set do you like better?

i like the first one and i think it will look great in your babie's room

I Need Advice on a New Bedding Set!? 2

3. Crib bedding set for a little girl?

Who cares if it's boyish? It's cute

4. Is it possible to order this bedding set from Kohls? Confused..?

just scroll down on the link, hit the quantity button, then add to cart. It looks the same to me

5. Could you use this bedding set for either a boy or girl?

you could definitely use it for boy or girl. It looks really beautiful. It would be perfect for either. besides, as long as you like it, it does not matter what others think about it. It's your decision in the end. You and your husband are the only ones that has any say anyway. Good luck with the baby.

6. Which bedding set should I buy for my dorm? (pictures)?

Either the first one or the last one. They are both really pretty and have a really calming peaceful look.

7. crib bedding set advice for a girl?!?

I think that it will look good together. That bed set is so cute

8. which bedding set do you like better?

Neither, but if I had to choose I would pick the second one

9. I need to find a comforter/bedding set thats ultra modern?

I think you know what you want...one of those times when you might not be able to describe, but will know it when you see it. To satisfy your 'edgy' needs I believe you need to have the bedding made for you...someone to create the look, feel, desire you want. Go shopping at fabric stores and venture through all the fabrics, textures and even upholstery weight fabrics till you find what you are looking for, then have a duvet cover made from this (these)..maybe a combination of fabrics would be better for you...two totally different fabrics united by theme or colour.

10. I bought a bedding set for my coming baby, I brought home the fabric of sheet smell oil/chemical of new fabric

Happens on a lot of new fabrics that have come off the line and packaged in plastic. You should certainly wash it and it should come out. If it does not you have every right to return it.

11. which bedding set is your favorite?? i cant choose!!?

Bella Chocolate and Pink is my favorite!! (the second link...the one on beyondbedding.com) the cocalo rasp petals looks a little outdated to me and isnt as cute for a baby. and the walmart print and colors remind me of a teenage girl's decor. love pink and brown together though :)

12. How can I fix this ridiculous situation over an infant bedding set?

Your man is being a big baby over all of this. He just wanted the other set because his parents bought it. I am not saying this is what you should do, because I do not know how your husband will treat you, but I would buy the set I wanted and put it on the crib. He will either get over it, or he wo not . If you are not friendly to your in-laws, its better that they do not give you money or buy expensive things for you. If THEY had bought the set, then they could constantly hold it over your head. If you do not want to go see them on a certain day, or have them come over, they will say "We spent all that money on a crib set you insisted on having, and you wo not even let us see our own grandson. Ungrateful...blah blah blah." It's better that they do not buy you anything or get you anything, because now you wo not be in their debt. Your husband is already not talking to you, and you wo not be happy with buying the cheaper stuff, so go ahead and get the crib set you want. He can not not talk to you even less than he is now. You are a mother. You are the woman in the relationship. YOU should be the decorator, not a man who clearly has no taste or respect for your desires

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