I Need to Find a Duvet Cover!! PLEASE HELP!?

Ikea has quite a few. About 8 pages of them on the website. If you can not find one in there that you can live with, you are being pretty fussy

I Need to Find a Duvet Cover!! PLEASE HELP!? 1

1. i have purchased a king size duvet and I have a king size duvet cover but they dont fit.?

There are 2 different sizes of King sized bed. There's the regular King and the "California King". Same area but different overall dimensions.

2. Does anyone no where i can get a pocahontas duvet cover? ?

=== it is possible to make your own == do the search and scroll to find pocohontas pattern duvet for sale look in e-how

I Need to Find a Duvet Cover!! PLEASE HELP!? 2

3. Where to get a plain duvet cover?

Very easy to make using full sized sheets. Turn the hem inside out an stitch around the 3 edges leaving the topside open to allow you to decorate it to some degree. You lower the top flap over creating an envelope type flap and use button, snaps or ribbon to decorate it. You could then and corded braid around the entire edge by using a hot glue gun to adhere it

4. Duvet & duvet cover advice needed :)?

OOOHHHH, it extremely is noticeably! an exceedingly mushy green would be amazing on the partitions of your room. it extremely is going to intensify the golf green from the quilt conceal. artwork of florals in frames of a darker coloration of green against the extra mild green will boost the whole seem. a google seek of "Victorian residing house decor" will provide you some amazing recommendations. The Victorian era exchange into very female; with lace curtains, doilies, etc. happy Birthday to you! And while you are turning 18, you are a youthful lady approximately to greet the international. you are actually not a baby anymore!.

5. What is the difference between a duvet, a duvet cover, and a comforter?

Depending on who you ask, the three are synonymous. A comforter and a duvet are similar in that they are both filled blankets, with down, cotton or whatever. The difference comes in that a duvet to some is meant to be an insert where as a comforter is a standalone blanket. That is why there is also a duvet cover, you cover a duvet to keep it cleaner longer and to add a little pizaz

6. How can I remove brown water stains on Duvet cover?

try a hidden spot with rubbing alcohol. regardless of if it is colorfast, attempt blotting the stains with countless rubbing alcohol. you need to use cotton balls or cotton rags that are moist with the alcohol. do no longer use alcohol with mineral oil in it. Use 70% isoprophol alcohol. be careful. those products burns. It evaporates quickly.

7. What is the difference between a Quilt and a Duvet cover?

the duvet is used to cover something else and you can wash it whereas quilts do not uaually get washed. i've got lots of quilts and i've never washed them, just recovered them. I would go with the duvet.

8. what do u think of thiis polka dot duvet cover frrom pbteen?link inside?

Think it is very pretty in any color. Especially the pink or green

9. Will my bin be emptied/collected with a duvet cover in it?

Depends on the bin's purpose. If it's a general type of trash bin, the duvet cover will just be more trash. If the bin is intended for garden waste or recyclables, then the duvet cover is a problem

10. Can cotton duck material be used to make a quilt or a duvet cover?

It's stiff and it does not launder very well. It wrinkles a lot and it will shrink from washing and drying. Not the best fabric for bedding

11. Can you find me a brown and white duvet cover?

try the store pier 1 imports..i got a just brown one there but im sure there are other colors

12. Duvet cover, bed spread, or comforter?

idk about the other two, but a duvet is basically a really fluffy blanket with a covering that has your design. It's easy to wash because you just take the cover off, wash it, and put it back on

13. Is there a way to keep your duvet straight in the duvet cover?

whats a duvet?

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