Is This too Much for a Bedding Set?

It's a good deal for the whole package. Custom bedding is much more expensive

Is This too Much for a Bedding Set? 1

1. I need help deciding on this bedding set for baby boy?

No, I think it will definitely take away from the yellow in the walls, but not in a clashing way, i think it will definitely comlement it. It will look as though you painted the room yellow in purpose. No i dont think the bedding set will clash, i think it will look amazing.

2. Could you use this bedding set for either a boy or girl?

i think you can use it for either i like it

Is This too Much for a Bedding Set? 2

3. Cheap place to buy Disney Cyber Mickey Mouse 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set? or Amazon is good

4. Which Bedding Set? Please Help!?

Well I like number 2 you have a wider variety of colors to work with if you ever what to redo your decor. meaning walls,floor, curtains etc.

5. POLL: what do you think of the bedding set i am getting? do YOU like it?

It's pretty.! But how old are you.? Well if you are 13 or 14, it's perfect. Or a straight up girlie girl lol. I am fifteen, it's too girlie for me, but it's very pretty :)

6. Which crib bedding set do you like better?

The Laura Ashley without a doubt!

7. What would be a good wall color for this bedding set?

a light gray color would look nice. if you could find a green that matched almost perfectly, you could do an accent wall where your bed is. a cool blue would look good too. whatever you do, i am sure it will look fine. that's a beautiful comforter set

8. where can i buy a cute crib bedding set with a good price?

Look for a consignment sale of kid and baby stuff in your area. Often churches and preschools run them as fundraisers. Get there early on the first day and you should have some good and inexpensive choices.

9. I bought a bedding set for my coming baby, I brought home the fabric of sheet smell oil/chemical of new fabric

Wash it. Some detergents are not great on baby's skin, and destroy the chemicals on the blanket that affect it's flammability so use a detergent like Ivory on all of baby's beddings andclothing. Make sure it is unscented

10. Which bedding set would you choose?

I like the last one the best. Babies love contrast and it has the most contrast. Also I am not a huge fan of cutesy animales unless it's Pooh & friends

11. New baby needs?

whoa my daughter survived with a couple outfits some formula, bottles, a bottle brush, baby hair brush, shampoo body wash combo, diapers, wipes and a crib with a nice mattress and bedding set, baby towel and a couple of toys like a swing they are not all that high maintenance and most of the stuff you wont need until they are a few months old so why have it cluttering your house for longer than need be

12. What do you think of this crib bedding set for a boy?

i do no longer possibly like the 1st set; it would not seem matchy adequate, and seems ordinary. the 2nd set is lovable, yet i do no longer think of the colors tournament ok. it's going to seem ordinary in a room. The third set i admire the terrific! it sort of feels very almost ideal! the colors somewhat off, yet you may conceal that extraordinarily plenty. The fourth set is nice, yet i do no longer possibly liek it

13. Will this bedding set fit? Help!!!?

You can use a full size but the black lacy part will hang on the sides which might look cool. Also, you probablyw wo not need the bedskirt

14. Is this crib bedding set appropriate for a girl?

I think so. Very cute. You can always add blue butterflies or something girly like that to the walls if you have a baby girl! Or even some little white wooden flower plaques

15. Is it worth buying a bedding set?

I never bought one; I thought they were a waste of money too. You are not supposed to use bumpers because of suffocation and SIDS, and you are not supposed to use lose blankets like a comforter with the baby for the same reasons. With all three of my kids, we just bought a set of white sheets, it's like 2 for ten bucks. Much cheaper, and if they get dirty, you can just bleach them. Good luck mama!

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