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The introduction of mattress cover

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A mattress cover is a protective layer between the mattress and the bed. It's not only for sleeping but is also needed for hygiene and insulation.


Mattress Covers are a popular industry in Europe, with sales expected to grow at 6% every year. The US market is projected to increase by 18% in 2018, while Japan will outstrip China (with a CAGR of 17%) .

Tips for mattress cover

To make your mattress covers look like new, you should never use a dry cleaning or ironing service.

How to use mattress cover?

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You can choose from a wide selection of mattress cover options for your bed. You can choose from various types of mattress cover to suit your preferences or needs.

The specifications of mattress cover

Mattress cover is one of the most important elements in a bedroom. The cover could be as simple as just a mattress pad and mattress, or it can be more detailed. It could be made of latex, cotton, foam or even polyurethane.

The product instructions of mattress cover

First, let's see the difference between the product instructions on a mattress and on a cover.

Second, let's discuss the two versions of the same mattress instructions. One is written by a physical therapist and another is written by an AI writer. The first version is far more detailed than the second one. Based on that, we can say these two versions are very similar but different in their level of detail.

Third, let’s discuss how this difference might be useful for customers during buying process or once they receive their mattress. Let’s assume that they will have to return it to Amazon (the manufacturer) due to unsatisfactory performance or because it was broken when it was delivered to them.

The application of mattress cover

It is not that obvious to most people whether a mattress cover should be put on or not. In some cases, it can be very useful and it can also be too annoying. The same goes for people who want to sleep on the couch, while others would rather sleep by themselves.

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