Queen-sized Bedding Set, Bedroom Sets for Women

Queen-sized bedding sets are a popular kind of furniture. The difference between a queen-sized bed and a regular size bed is not that much, but the price is much higher.

Queen-sized Bedding Set, Bedroom Sets for Women 1

I have $700 only, should i spend them on a bedroom set or save them?? ?

I AGREE WITH YOUR HUSBAND. Bed is not really important

where can i find a cute bedroom set in the colors teal and chocolate brown?

I agree, because decorator colors change so quickly. I would get a good set of furniture in something neutral. Ikea has a line of furniture (dresser,bed etc. ) in a new dark chocolate brown stain that's nice. You could paint your walls teal- or get teal bedding. the most expensive items you keep neutral- like furniture and flooring. The cheapest items get the most color- like pillows, so in case you get sick of teal, you could change it to something else that would still go with your chocolate brown furniture

Queen-sized Bedding Set, Bedroom Sets for Women 2

How much is reasonable to spend on a bedroom set?

Well, getting all that for that price is not going to be easy... Your best bet is WalMart or KMart. Other than that, I suggest you look at classified sections in your neighborhood. You could even find a notary public who could tell you where to look for estate sales. Sometimes, you can pick up a really nice bedroom set for peanuts, meaning you can spend a bit more on a quality mattress... as I would not buy the mattress used. And if worse comes to worst, then you can get yourself a mattress at WalMart. They have some pretty neat ones that come in a rolling box and have a memory foam top.

Need a bedroom set at a discounted rate. Any suggestions?

If you are looking for a bedroom set at a discounted rate then visit get.furniture today. There is a good discount on its Marbella Bedroom Set and other furniture. You will definitely get what you are looking for in your budget.

Which bedroom set should I get?

I really do like them both. The first one is probably more versatile. You can use different bedding and decor to either make it look more contemporary or less. The second will always look romantic and elegant so your bedding will have to compliment that. The teal turquoise color seems to lend itself more to the first, but I have a set in my guest room very similar to your second set that I have never grown tired of. Go with your heart, not the color on your walls. Does this make sense?

My grandma gave me a brand new bedroom set for my daughter. However it's blue. How can I change the color?

If it's blue, it's already painted. You can spray paint it another color if the weather is over 50 degrees where you are - spray painting must be done outside

Where can I get Kourtney Kardashian townhouse bedroom set?

Kourtney Kardashian Townhouse

????What do you think about this bedroom set?

Very sharp, great storage underneath! I am not crazy about the spread they show, though. I would suggest waiting til you get it into the apartment to think about what kind of look you want to get with a spread or comforter

if my bedroom set is black what color should my curtains be?

Something light to brighten up the room, maybe white or yellow or even red or green

Does the IKEA Hemnes bedroom set match the Linnarp desk?

Well, Ikea furniture is not expensive,.Now this does not mean that it is poor workmanship. I like ikea because my taste change so frequently that I can do a complete room every five to seven years and still resell the items for little loss.... Ikea is mostly fine line furniture, (modern/contemporary)so if you are into traditional furniture that is not the store. For your more traditional inexpensive furniture try Ashley, or Leon's

How much should I sell this bedroom set for?

Hello there. I would guess you might hope to get $200.00 for it. But you want to get the most possible. Ask $300.00 and if someone offers you less, you can still get the $200.00. People like to think they are getting a bargain... and should then be happy to pay $200.00. Thanks for reading. :))

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