Washer Settings for Sheets, Mattress Cover, and Comforter?

cold water for dark, warm water for medium colors, and hot water for whites. you might want to set the settings depending on how large the wash is. twin--low, full and queen---medium, king---high.

Washer Settings for Sheets, Mattress Cover, and Comforter? 1

1. How to get smoke smell out of mattress?

I would recommend cleaning the mattress with a small cleaner and then using Febreze to eliminate all odor. When I was a teenager and did not want to get caught smoking by my grandmother I used febreze and she never knew and that's saying something

2. Wrapping a baby's mattress to prevent SIDS?

as long as you do the obvious thing to keep your baby alive, it's not necessary to do all that other stuff. do not put them in loose clothing, give them blankets or pillows, do not put stuffed animals in the crib, do not put them on their stomach to sleep. those types of things. they are doing studies now that say that there really is nothing that you can do to prevent SIDS. some babies die from it and others do not. i read a story about a 2 year old that just died in her sleep for no reason. some kind of older SIDS things

Washer Settings for Sheets, Mattress Cover, and Comforter? 2

3. How to clean a mattress???

Every once in awhile I spray them down with Lysol and vacuum. You need a really good, powerful vacuum. Our Kirby works very well. If it's dusty I would vacuum, then Lysol, then vacuum again. Also use a quality mattress pad.

4. Need a new mattress - any advice?

My Sealy Posturpedic pillow top mattress has lasted for 10 years. It's still in great shape, does not sag at all and is as comfy today as it was when I bought it 10 years ago. It was pretty pricey, but worth every dime. I have also heard bad things about Serta mattresses.

5. What is this on the side of the mattress?

Yhey are air vents, and are installed to enable a flow of air through the mattress to prevent a build up of smells by sweating while you sleep etc

6. what kind of mattress should i get?

get the sleep number, we have it and it's great

7. Upset about this air mattress?

Either repair the hole or take it back

8. does a pure comfort novaform mattress adjust with an adjustable bed?

I would call the manufacturer or an adjustable bed company. Roxanne

9. Which is the best mattress? Serta, Tempurpedic or Selther? Please help!!!?

You lay on them and decide that way. I have bought expensive because husband's idea, that is not the way to go. It is your back, your body, any arthritis problems, you try it out.

10. How can I stop the cat from urinating on a mattress?

First of all, I would ask you how old your cat is, and is he neutered? Furthermore, when a male cat urinates outside the box, it is either medical or behavioral. Medically, he could have feline lower urinary tract disorder, which can include bladder infections and/ or crystals in the urine. This condition is diagnosed by your vet and can be resolved with medications. Behaviorally, I would ask you- is the litter box clean? Did you change brands of litter? Some cats do not like it when you change to a different type of litter. Has anything in your house changed? Someone come in? Someone moved out? You move the furniture? Cats do not like change, so try to figure out if you have done something that has upset them. Most importantly, be patient. Do not forget you can ALWAYS consult your local veterinarian for advice and assistance. If it is not medical, try buying a little CatAttract litter additive; it is supposed to draw cats to use the litterbox. Something like Feliway is good also- you can buy it as a plug in or as a spray. It is calming to cats- they can smell it, but you cannot. Also, keep the door shut to the bedroom until the issue is totally resolved. Hang in there- I hope this helps you!

11. Can i deep clean this mattress?

Put it in the oven at 350 for at least 30 minutes to disinfect it

12. Whats the difference between a Memoryworks mattress and a Tempurpedic Mattress?

Memoryworks Mattress

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