What Color Is You Bath Towel? ( Read Details)?

Actually, for Christmas I got my very first "set" of towels (I am 35!) and they are all bright yellow. Makes me smile every time I get out of the shower. I use two towels per shower - one for my hair and one for everything else. I will use the hair one for 3-4 days, but will usually only use the body towel once before washing

What Color Is You Bath Towel? ( Read Details)? 1

1. how many times do you use the same bath towel?

usually only once, unless it is laundry day

2. Why does a bath towel start to smell bad?

bacteria/mold is growing in your towel when it is wet you need to change it more often wash it in hot water and do not let it sit wet in the machine to long dry it promptly

What Color Is You Bath Towel? ( Read Details)? 2

3. Bath towel has black spots...how did they get there?

It probably laid wet and molded. That's what I think it is!

4. How many times can you use a bath towel before it is "dirty"?

I wash mine at least once a week. Sometimes twice, but generally once

5. How many times do you use a bath towel before washing it?

One of my phobias. I only use it once as there are other people in the house and just the thoughts of someone else using it drives me crazy

6. POLL: Do you wash your bath towel after each use...?

nope, i reuse it for a good 7 times, then wash it

7. When shoud i start my seeds indoors?

First check to see when is the best time to start planting in your area,then usually about two to three weeks before that date,I always use a bath towel,heating pad,bath towel 'sandwich',with a proper plastic seed box/w/cover and peat pods to start the seeds in,keep the heating pad on low at all times,a grow light is nice also so the plants do not develop "stretch" caused from not enough light.When your plants have at least three sets of leaves plant them if the weather at night is 50 degrees and above for at least a week first.Fertilize them every two weeks a weak solution at first then as directed,I like liquid fertilizer. Mist the baby plants with a fine mist spray bottle every couple of days as long as the heating pad is on and as needed,after the plants get there second set of leaves you can remove the plastic lid but keep the grow lite on.plants need at least 9 hrs of lite a day,a good north,south,east lite (inside)is good.ENJOY! Luna

8. How long do you use a bath towel before washing it?

Once, then wash it for my house!

9. After using your bath towel do you wash it or use it again?

An environmentalist would tell you to reuse it. A cleaning fanatic to wash it every time. I grew up using towel holders for decorations, towels were washed every time, no question. But hubbie reuses towels for a month. Reusing the towels saves the planet by using less water and electricity (which comes from fossil fuels). It also saves money, since you have to pay for detergent, water, electricity, wear and tear on your washer and dryer etc. I notice no difference in the towels as long as they dry completely between uses. That said, if they do not they quickly develop nasty odors since bacteria can thrive in them, especially if you apply something like leave in conditioners before toweling your hair. The unsightliness of seeing towels hung up over something bothers me, as does the occasional build up of mold where wet towels are constantly hung (need to avoid that - definitely a health hazard). So it is up to you, are you an environmentalist, a clean fanatic, or somewhere in the middle? I think with more people going green towels will be reused more often, and no longer will towel holders be considered ornamental in bathrooms.... or was that just my mom doing that anyway? If you do decide to hang your towels to dry between uses, make sure it is somewhere they can dry completely to avoid potentially dangerous mildew and mold build up.

10. Am i wasteful for only using a bath towel once after a shower and not reusing it?

Mine lasts a week. I do not have any horrible skin diseases either. Yes you are wasteful but as it is yourself doing the laundry then please yourself!

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