What Colour Duvet Cover Do You Suggest to Go with a Mint Green Walls and Cream Carpet?

I would get a flower print, with cream and light green in it

What Colour Duvet Cover Do You Suggest to Go with a Mint Green Walls and Cream Carpet? 1

1. Where can a find a blue duvet cover for my bed?

Comphy Co. makes one of the best duvets on the market. I believe they make one in a mountain blue color that is like a baby blue, turqoise coor. but they only come in queen or king Good place to check would be compy.com or ruvalonline.com they might be able to send you a swatch of the color to make sure it matches. Hope this helps!!!

2. Must you have a top sheet with a machine-washable quilt ?

Depends how often you really think you need to wash the quilt or sheets or duvet cover. Some quilts are rather large to fit into a washing machine, too. You can buy duvets and duvet covers in the US. Why not do that if it's what you prefer?

What Colour Duvet Cover Do You Suggest to Go with a Mint Green Walls and Cream Carpet? 2

3. can cats tell whe you change your duvet cover?

cat's can smell really well so when you change the cover it's like a fresh start, my cat groom's herself she was a rescue she was grooming so much she was going bald but she just seemed to stop grooming so much and the hair grew back do not know what to tell you to stop the self grooming mine just seemed to relax

4. I need drapes and a duvet cover, & need to find a cheap place to buy some OR fabric.?

try to make them your self go to dollar store and buy sheets sew two together and make a cover for your duvet, then split sheets sew up the side and fold top for header all are straight seams

5. Where can I get a grey duvet cover?

I have a gray/white bedroom and just bought a comforter set on Overstock. The set I bought also comes in a duvet cover option. I get all my bedding from there because it's marked down compared to the department stores. And you get free shipping on orders over $50. Good luck!

6. duvet cover in hong kong?

taobao.com is the biggest "ebay" site in China so you can find heaps of stuff there

7. Which west elm duvet cover do you like?

I really like them both! I think you would not get tired of the solid white one and then you can always change up the sheets and pillows. Get the white duvet and then sheets tha match the patterned one, I love that pattern

8. Black Duvet Cover a good choice?

I have black cotton sheets on my bed and I have to dust the lint off of them everyday. I do not have any pets and am appalled at the amount of dust and particles that are visible on my sheets. Black is not a good colour choice if you are finicky about that kind of thing.

9. do u think this duvet cover will match key lime walls?

totally it would match no sweat. With the playboy pillow it mite not match so good

10. Will my 350 thread count duvet cover get softer the more I wash it?

yes, use fabric softener

11. Should I get this duvet cover from pbteen?

hard matter search into yahoo and bing that will may help

12. How can I keep my duvet in place inside the duvet cover?

safety pins would work. go to the baby department and buy diaper pins--if you have never used them, you pull the "head"(whatever it is called) of the pin up to get the sharp end in or out then push the head back down to lock it in place. you wo not get jabbed while sleeping

13. What is a duvet cover? HELP!!!?

A duvet cover is like a slip that you put over your comforter. You usually would buy a plain white comforter (they sell different variations) and you buy duvet covers to put over them. Think of it as an oversized pillowcase

14. Where can I find a duvet cover similar to this coloring/pattern with a higher thread count?

I would try and go to Target or bed bath and beyond

15. How do I clean my duvet cover? It is covered in feathers.?

Try using one of those new Pet Erasers by Pledge (they go for just under $5). It's absolutely fantastic at picking up thick cat hairs and dog hair.....so I am thinking why not try it on your duvet for the feathers? First of all, use it as directed...sliding back and forth (the fur collects inside this plastic cup). They say this product is disposable...but what people are doing is gently prying the soft plastic cover up a bit and taking out the fur to reuse again! It may take time picking up all those feathers...but it will be much easier than a lint roller.

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