What Does "bottle-finished" Mean When Describing a Duvet Cover?

I did not find any diagram, but I think bottle finish may refer to a starched finish on the fabric. If so, this will wash out in the first laundering. Some gorgeous linens on the site, thanks.

What Does

1. The Best Duvet Cover to Keep Cool in the Summer | Soak&Sleep

Sleeping in the heat can affect even the deepest of sleepers. Research shows that even mild heat exposure can keep body temperatures higher, alter time spent in sleep stages, and make it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. Whilst many simply choose to sleep under a sheet or a light throw during the summer months, there are some of us who still prefer a duvet even in hot weather. If you are in this group of sleepers, can a duvet cover help keep you cool? And if so, what is the right type of duvet cover to cool you down when the temperatures soar? Is it possible for a duvet cover to keep you cool? Obviously the weight, or tog, of the duvet you put inside your duvet cover is going to play a significant role in how cool you will be during the warmer weather. We would always advise opting for either a 3 or a 4.5 tog duvet during the summer, or choose an all-seasons duvet which you can alter depending on the weather. It may interest you to know that adding the right duvet cover can also play a part in keeping you cool. Sleep experts have devised a range of fabrics that are temperature-regulating to keep your body at a more consistent temperature through the night, to help you stay asleep. So which fabrics should I be looking for? Breathable fabrics allow heat to escape through the fibres. This is why cotton and linen and hemp fabrics are incredibly popular duvet cover choices. They also keep heat in during the winter so can be a good all year round choice. Tencel, or tencel blended with cotton, is another great natural fabric, that naturally draws moisture away from your body as you sleep, helping it evaporate. Tencel also feels cool to the touch so it is nice and refreshing when you jump into bed, our 300 thread count Soft and Cool easycare is a perfect option. Some fabrics actually have the ability to wick heat away from the skin - some polyester bedding can do this. It has a special cross-section and a large surface area which picks up moisture and carries it away from your body, spreading it out, to evaporate easily on the outside of the fabric so you stay cool and dry. This polyester is also used in athletic clothing for the same reason. So if you prefer to sleep under the weight of a duvet year-round, remember that a duvet cover can play an important role in your sleep wardrobe. For more guidance head over to our 3 expert tips on how to choose a duvet cover. Is there anything else I should think about? As a final point, if you are changing your duvet cover, it is probably also worth changing your sheets, pillowcases and nightwear too. The same principles apply for these items, so look for natural fibres to keep you cool through the night. So with the sun shining, and the warmer nights upon us, take the time to make sure you invest in the right duvet cover to give you the best chance of a good night's sleep whatever the temperature.

2. I need to remove a nail polish stain from my duvet cover?

Looks like you are out of luck, because it's hard to remove nail polish from anything unless you use nail polish remover, and that would ruin the duvet cover. Why do not you just flip it over, so the stain is on the inside??

What Does

3. what size duvet cover for a queen down comforter?

Macys Duvets

4. My rats keep chewing on my duvet cover and I am so angry and so is my mum!!!How do I stop them?????

One more good reason to always have a gun under Your pillow.300,000,000 Americans can not all be wrong

5. How can I use a duvet cover?

dethdeak is right

6. What is a good accent color for a room with grey walls and a teal-blue duvet cover?

Black. Or white. Black will pop out better. Black furniture with white accessories. Maybe a hint of red here and there

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