Where Can I Buy a Plastic Mattress Cover to Protect My Daughter's Bed While Potty Training?

I bought something like that at Walmart. It's not really plastic, but some sort of waterproof fabric. It's the same size as the mattress

Where Can I Buy a Plastic Mattress Cover to Protect My Daughter's Bed While Potty Training? 1

1. I have a down mattress cover that will not stay on the bed. does anyone know what I can use to hold it?

You could stitch elastic on the diagonal at the corners maybe 6 to 8 inches in and slip those under the matress

2. can you clean a goose down mattress cover at home? or it has to be taken to the cleaners.?

You can wash it at home if your washing machine's capacity is large enough to handle it (it's weight will increase immensely when thoroughly saturated). Otherwise, take it to the laundromat and use the large capacity machine. Another option would be to take it to a professional laundry and have them do it, but this would cost quite a bit more. As far as dry cleaning (and they do do laundry), down does not need to be dry cleaned unless covered in something other than cotton. Dry cleaning a down comforter or mattress cover is quite costly and usually unnecessary

Where Can I Buy a Plastic Mattress Cover to Protect My Daughter's Bed While Potty Training? 2

3. How do you get water stains off an organic cotton mattress cover?

They will neutralize the pH of the fabric, ridding you of the stain. The sources below have directories to professional companies all over the United States.

4. How can I clean my mattress cover with upholstery shampoo?

You could take it to the laudromat and wash on warm. Most laudromats have larger washing machines. Take it home and hang outside to dry

5. When you put a sheet over your head for Halloween, are you a ghost or a mattress cover?

It depends. If you stay quiet, then you are a mattress. If you go "OOOOOOOoooooooooo" then you are a ghost :D You can be both if you choose to be!

6. Do you think a second mattress cover would help?

Sleep on the top???

7. Any benefit to washing mattress cover and sheets in long "heavy duty" cycle?

I wash them in the short cycle...but i put them in cold water with Ariel all the night and in the morning i put them in the washing for twenty minutes only

8. Do you use a mattress cover/pad on crib mattresses?

I always have. Mainly ecause alot of crb mattresses are waterproof, so they just seem like they are not real comfortable to sleepon. Mattress covers give a little padding, sbut no enough to be a danger to baby. Just make sure it fits snuggly &that crib sheets fits over it properly.

9. What would you type into the search box, when you want to buy some bedding stuff like pillow case, mattress cover?

Be as specific as possible when you are searching for an answer for something: If you are looking for a pillow case you can type in: "zippered pillow case", pillowcase for queen size pillows" or cotton Pillow case. You would be amazed at the different products out there on the market today. Especially on the internet, the more specific you can be the better. What would you type into the search box, when you want to buy some bedding stuff like pillow case, mattress cover?

10. Can I wash my Select Comfort / Sleep Number mattress cover?

Sleep Number Mattress Pad

11. I bought a mattress cover that typically is used for bed bugs, and since then I am feeling weird crawling in my scalp?

A simple solution to bed bugs apart from scrupulous hygiene is not to make your bed immediately in the morning but leave it open to the air. This means there is no heat for the bugs to prosper and they dry out and die

12. Can I put my Auping mattress cover in the washer?

I am wondering the same thing. I do not like the idea of sleeping on something that has been dry cleaned due to the chemicals

13. I bought a mattress cover today from target, and it looks like there is blood on it?

If you did not notice it when you put it in the washer, maybe it got on there in the wash. Check to see that you did not accidentally run a lipstick through the wash load (I accidentally "decorated" a whole load of laundry doing that once). Another thing that I have stained laundry with is forgetting that there is a vitamin pill in the pocket of a shirt or pants (I often grab one in the morning to take when I get to work). The iron in the vitamin pill will rust when it melts in the laundry and it leaves what looks like a bloodstain on light colored linens or clothing. If none of those scenarios sounds feasible, you could probably just exchange it. I have found Target to be pretty agreeable about returns.

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