Where Can I Buy a Star Wars Duvet Cover From? Has Anyone Got One That I Can Buy?

You might try Sleepy's, but that is just a guess

Where Can I Buy a Star Wars Duvet Cover From? Has Anyone Got One That I Can Buy? 1

1. What is the easiest way to put a down comforter in a duvet cover?

I bought these clips from Bed Bath and Beyond. I attach the comforter to the top of the duvet cover and then shake it so the comforter reaches the bottom of the cover. Then I attach the bottom clips. It makes the whole process a lot easier. As far as the bed skirt goes... that is always a challenge, but at least you do not have to do it as often. You can try these pins so it wont shift when you get to the other side of the bed.

2. Zig zag duvet cover from urban outfitters?

I think you have lots of choices besides white. Reds and cinnamon tones would work well and so would blues, aquas and purples

Where Can I Buy a Star Wars Duvet Cover From? Has Anyone Got One That I Can Buy? 2

3. can you use a comforter insert instead of a duvet insert for your duvet cover?

Sure. The cover just adds another layer to the comforter. Just choose one that is light weight or you will be too weighed down in bed

4. do i need a duvet cover & a comforter insert?

you could constantly trim the comforter and stitch it as much as in wonderful condition if it doesnt. Its no longer stupid, there are some stunning duvette covers, and prefer suggested earlier look ahead to varieties to coach with the aid of

5. what is the difference between comforter, duvet cover and coverlet?

If you think about seeing those large, luxurious, heavy, quilted, puffed-up tops that go over your blanket etc., usually with matching bed-skirt and pillows..that would be a comforter. A Duvet is a "pillow-case" cover for a large thin size duvet & like a comforter comes in many sizes. A coverlet is just a simple thin "blanket" of sorts usually used for accessorizing those other two... I hope this helps!

6. Easiest way to make a duvet cover for comforters? I do not have a sewing machine, or a lot of time!!!?

I want to make one, without sewing, so I am going to use a fabric that does not fray easily, and use velcro, working inside out on three sides, put the duvet in, then velcro the top. I was told to wash it with the velcro fastened

7. What color sheet set/duvet cover should I get?

I would go with a white duvet and a dusky purple sheet set. Crisp, clean, classic. Two pics included below in the links; one is more sophisticated, the other is a younger look

8. Black Duvet Cover a good choice?

I have black cotton sheets on my bed and I have to dust the lint off of them everyday. I do not have any pets and am appalled at the amount of dust and particles that are visible on my sheets. Black is not a good colour choice if you are finicky about that kind of thing.

9. Can I buy a Duvet cover that is 86X86 for a down comforter that is 90X90?

anabanana... i would NOT try shoving a too large comforter into a too small cover. your seams will tear. then you have a real problem. but one a bit too large, then wash and dry in the dryer. the duvet should shrink some. duvet covers are made to be a bit big so the comforter has room to move.

10. Do I need a duvet cover with my new down comforter?

If you do not have specific washing instructions that came with it, I would not wash it. The feathers could clump up. I have two down comforters and always take them to the cleaners. I have had them for about 5 years and they are still as nice and cozy as when I bought them :) Maybe someone knows better than I, but this has worked for me. Another thing that I do, is too put another blanket on top of them through the day and then fold it back at night.

11. where can i get a cute/cheap duvet cover? im looking for pink stripes.....its for a college dorm room?

IKEA-they have many things online now too

12. Does anyone know where i can find a blue/turquoise playboy duvet cover ?

Playboy website you could also try Argos

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