Where Can I Find a Reasonably Priced Duvet Cover?

I have a gorgeous duvet that came from ikea... check it out.. they are reasonably priced and have modern, stylish things for just about every taste!

Where Can I Find a Reasonably Priced Duvet Cover? 1

1. Black Duvet Cover a good choice?

Black shows every mark, spill, piece of lint, fibre, fuzz, fluff. I would go with denim. Not only is it sturdy and hard-wearing, but it will fade in time which makes it look even cooler. And you can still put a colourful tapestry on the wall.

2. What is the difference between a single duvet and a (double) duvet cover?

Another term for "single" bed is"twin" bed. It is meant for one person to sleep in. A double bed is the same as a full bed, and will sleep two, but it's smaller than a Queen. The queen is the next size, followed by king. A California King bed is longer, I believe, than a regular king. In buying duvets and quilts, the sizing will often say, "Full, Queen," and that means it will fit either size. The sides will hang down a little lower on a full, however. The queen is wider.

Where Can I Find a Reasonably Priced Duvet Cover? 2

3. Can a white duvet cover hide a black colored comforter?

Probably not, unless the duvet cover is made of much heavier fabric than they usually are

4. How do I make a room with dirty white walls, a brownish orange desk and brownish grey carpet red themed?

Ok. What you already have is warm toned, that's a plus. Here's a thought: tomato red throw carpet next to bed, and duvet cover in same color, oh and throw pillows!! (look for fabric and do it yourself if you can not find them after searching online. personally I would go with a 30's 40's style lamp with a gold shade. walls--shop for misc pictures like those shown (do I smell a trip to the antique mall!!)

5. When you order a duvet cover from Pottery Barn is it neccesary to order the filling?

It might be easier to think of it like a pillow and pillowcase. The duvet is the pillow. It can be made of a variety of materials and varied thicknesses. You can use it without a cover. The duvet cover is the pillowcase. It keeps the duvet clean and allows you to make changes/redecorate with ease. You will need to keep in mind the size - king, queen, etc but that it all you really need to know when getting a duvet cover

6. duvet cover collects lint...?

anti static spray should help

7. What exactly is a duvet cover?

The first answer is not correct at all. A Duvet is a cover for your comforter. You can use any comforter ( down or poly filled) and this covers it like a pillow case and usually buttons at the bottom. They are good to use because once you have a quality down comforter you can just change out the duvets when you want a new look. They are also easy to remove and launder. Urban has some great designs and i've heard good things about their bedding collections. Good luck!

8. how do you put a duvet cover on a comforter?

Usually with a lot of swearing and exasperated sighs. But it is easier if you have someone help you. One person holds the cover open while the other stuffs the comforter in.

9. what is a duvet cover?

They are like comforters :)

10. Can you use a duvet cover over a regular comforter?

You can do it with any comforter that will fit. Just make sure the fabric is heavy enough or the color dark enough so that your black and gray comforter does not show through

11. Will my bin be emptied/collected with a duvet cover in it?

Depends on the bin's purpose. If it's a general type of trash bin, the duvet cover will just be more trash. If the bin is intended for garden waste or recyclables, then the duvet cover is a problem

12. can you dye a duvet cover?

if it is cotton but you need to use a big enough machine so that it dyes evenly or go to home goods they have beautiful ones I bought one it is the most comfortably soft queen cost me 39.99 and the shams came with it I bought also a toille quilt for like 30 they have nice stuff there

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