Where to Buy a Really Good Bed

Where to buy a really good bed

Where to Buy a Really Good Bed 1

Considering we spend an average of 3,000 hours in bed every year, and sleep is also essential for mental and physical health - so you will want to know where to buy a good bed in Singapore. When buying a new bed or mattress it pays to do your research. You definitely need a comfortable mattress that's just right for you. We spoke to a few readers who snooze much more soundly on their new beds and mattresses and are loving it. Here are their recommendations. My husband and I have two children who do not let us sleep nearly as much as we would like to, so quality sleep is very important to us.

We would already had our existing mattress for 10 years and both recently entered our 40s, so we were starting to feel the aches and pains that come with age. When we moved to Singapore, we took this as our opportunity to start fresh with a new mattress. We took our time, including trying various mattresses at other stores, but nothing came close to the comfort and quality that we felt in the European Bedding mattresses. Once we returned to the showroom, we decided on our purchase: an EU King-sized Heveya III mattress in medium firmness. The level of customer service that we experienced was exceptional. Everything was delivered quickly by their delivery team who were friendly, efficient and professional. We've now had our mattress for over two months and we could not be happier.

We sleep so well, and our aches and pains have eased, too. The bamboo sheets that we also purchased from Heveya by European Bedding just heighten the whole experience - and they seem to be getting better with each wash. I would seen designer and co-founder Karin Rysgaard's name recommended several times on Facebook, especially for refurbishing furniture. So, when she opened a shop, I knew I had to check it out. I love rustic and tropical furniture and the Island Living range just sings that song for me.

My partner and I bought our apartment in 2018 and were on the lookout for some furniture to give our home a new look and match the rustic tropical theme we had in mind. We both live very busy lives as doctors, so a place to retreat to at the end of the day was on the top of our list. When we arrived at Island Living, we were warmly greeted by Karin. She was so helpful and gave us plenty of ideas on what would work. We ended up buying furniture for several rooms in the house including a King-sized Havana bed, a teak and rattan wardrobe, a Malawi-style sofa, bedside tables and a teak console.

Where to Buy a Really Good Bed 2

We also purchased plenty of accessories, including lamps, cushions, bed linen, a water hyacinth rug and a beautiful piece for the wall from Kenya. After meeting with Karin, we were confident that she really understood the style that we were looking for, so we took one step further to engage her styling service, Cocoon Styling, to do all the reupholstering and onsite styling. In our TV room, we already had a comfortable sofa set that we were rather attached to, so Karin helped to reupholster this and bring the room together with some added accessories. Overall, the customer service at Island Living is fantastic; they are flexible, accommodating and incredibly pleasant - including the delivery team. What is more, the products are well-priced and their range is updated each month - not an easy task these days given the restrictions and delays on shipments.

They are an on-trend brand that caters perfectly to life in the tropics, and certainly a company to watch. We arrived in Singapore with just the clothes on our backs. Prior to our move, we were living in a serviced apartment in Shanghai for one and a half years, so we lacked not only furniture, but even the basics like electronics, cutlery, pots and pans. Luckily, Gallery 278 were recommended to us by our relocation manager and they helped make the furniture hunt smooth and swift. Felicia and Sara from Gallery 278 were friendly, helpful and ever-so patient.

They took the time to understand our needs and match our budget, providing alternatives where and when necessary. We ended up purchasing nearly all of our furniture from them, including this fantastic daybed that sits in our TV room. My husband and I love furniture that is functional and practical, and this piece has come in very handy. We have four boys that are all grown up, and three of them are still at university. So when they come to visit, our TV room easily becomes a spare bedroom.

Not only are the design and material great quality, but what I love about this daybed is that it transforms into a proper bed, with a comfortable mattress. This gives me peace of mind that my boys and any visiting guests sleep well when they are here. I was on the hunt for a treehouse-style bunkbed for my kids, so I turned to trusty Google to begin my search. After scouring the internet and reading plenty of reviews, House of AnLi came out top with their stylish and sturdy bunkbed selection. I reached out to them and was put in touch with Loredana, who was incredibly helpful in answering any questions and talking me through their range.

With her advice, I eventually decided on the wagon bunkbed. It was a great fit for the space and I was pleased to find out that I could choose the colour combination to match my kids' room. What I love about this bed, however, is all the clever compartments. Space is limited in Singapore, so smart storage is always a key selling point for me. There are two big drawers that we use to store blankets, towels and bed sheets, while my kids make use of the cupboards and shelves inside to put away their favourite toys and books.

The mattress is also top quality; it's both durable and cooling and incredibly comfortable. For me, money well spent for my kids means that they get quality sleep at night, and plenty of play in the day climbing in and out of their wagon of fun. This article first appeared in the March 2021 edition of Expat Living. You can purchase the latest issue or subscribe, so you never miss a copy. Setting up home? Read this more on furniture shopping in Singapore.

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