Would You Give Your Bath Towel to Someone Else at the Gym?

Personally I would not be able to use a towel that I knew someone else dried their crotches and butts with. Thats why when I travel, and stay in a hotel, I bring my own towels

Would You Give Your Bath Towel to Someone Else at the Gym? 1

1. How many times can you use a bath towel before it is "dirty"?

Assuming that you are clean when you get out of the bath, the logic would be that the towel would never become dirty. However, if hanging on a towel rack drying, it would collect dust and pollutants from the air. Many factors would play in to determine when it is actually time to wash.

2. How often do you change your bath towel?

Either every day or every other day. depending on how lazy i am or not.

Would You Give Your Bath Towel to Someone Else at the Gym? 2

3. how do I remove mold/mildew odor from a bath towel?

throw it away before it spreads to other things

4. Why do we wash bath towels? Aren't we clean when we use them?

Bath towel? Save some water and lay outside naked. ;]

5. POLL: Do you wash your bath towel after each use...?

only once a year

6. How long do you use a bath towel before washing it?

difficult step. look into a search engine. it might help!

7. What color is you bath towel? ( read details)?

green and cheetah print

8. can you wash a bath towel in the shower or sink? if so how?

Easy to wash but it could take awhile to dry since you can not wring them out like a washer can

9. How many washes does hotel do for bath towel until it changes to a new towel?

At the hotel I worked in, they would wash and use towels as long as they looked good. Once a towel got a rip or a hole, it was cut up and used for cleaning towels. The same was done for washcloths and such. Because new towels are being added into the old towel mix, and some towels suffer more "abuse" than others, it can not be said for certain how many washes a towel will go through before being discarded

10. Why does a bath towel start to smell bad?

bacteria/mold is growing in your towel when it is wet you need to change it more often wash it in hot water and do not let it sit wet in the machine to long dry it promptly

11. Do you use your bath towel more than once?

Yes, I do use my towel more than once. After I use it I put it over the shower thing and then the next day I use the same one. I put it in the washer after about 2 to 3 days after my first use. Its not bad at all. I do not think anyways...

12. Does your Husband use the same bath Towel over and over again.....?

no my husband wants a clean towel every time he gets out of the shower

13. Do you use a clean bath towel everytime you shower?

No, I do not . And speaking as the person in charge of laundry for my house I can not stand when people only use a towel once. Like I do not have anything better to do than to do laundry

14. is it alright to use the same bath towel more than once after bathing?

I do lol.. it's not like you are dirty when you use it :p

15. the annual average cost for washing bath towel in hotel. Thanks much?

I work in a hotel and I do not exactly know. But what I can tell you is between all the sheets and towels we wash about 150 lbs a day. Multiply that by 365 for year weight. Hope that helped

16. how often do you wash your bath towel?

I use it twice before I wash it. I know your clean when you get out of the shower, but when you dry off you have sloughed off skin on the towel. More than twice and it just seems gross

17. Can You Get An Old Bath Towel Repaired Somewhere?

Being married to a guy that treasures things that his grandma made/purchased for him years ago I do not think I would make a repair on this unless your boyfriend has explicitly said, "Gee, I wish I could have this repaired but I do not know where to go." Sometimes good intentions can back fire you know, and your BF might not appreciate having this beach towel reworked. Of he gives you the OK, an alterations shop can rehem the towel for you. You can also have it made into a couple of pillows, a beach tote, or a have it quilted into a whole new beach towel.

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