Chinese Boy Survives an Eight-storey Fall After Ripping Through a Life-saving Bed Sheet His Neighbou

A young boy in south-west China has miraculously survived an eight-storey fall thanks to his quick-thinking neighbours.

The seven-year-old boy was filmed clinging onto a windowsill of a high-rise buildingin Chongqing city on Tuesday. Horrified residents quickly grabbed a large bed sheet and placed it below him.

The boy lost his grip and fell. The impact of the fall ripped the bed sheet in half, and the child was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Residents of the Penghu Garden residential district said the child held on for less than a minute before falling, according to CQ News The child was seen kicking his legs and desperately trying to pull himself up, but eventually lost his grip and plummeted towards the pavement.

He fell right in the middle of the bedsheet held by the residents, tearing the sheet in half and landing on the ground.

He was seen lying unconscious on the ground as residents alerted emergency services.

The boy remains in the intensive care unit of thePengshui County Hospital.

It is unclear whether the boy was left unattended when the accident happened.

Police are investigating the incident.

Chinese Boy Survives an Eight-storey Fall After Ripping Through a Life-saving Bed Sheet His Neighbou 1

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