Enjoy Rural Relaxation and Luxury Camping at Bustling Hollings Hill Farm in Herefordshire

PERCHED on top of a hillside with sweeping views of the Malvern Hills was the log cabin we were going to call home for the next few nights.

Me, my wife and our two-year-old son, Sean, had arrived at Hollings Hill Farm in Herefordshire, a bustling working dairy farm, with a sideline in luxury camping - or glamping as it's commonly known.

Farmers Austin and Fay Knowles live there with their four children, all of whom are happy to get stuck in and help look after their more permanent lodgers - horses, sheep, pigs, geese and, most notably, a 450-strong herd of cows.

Fay greets us immediately with a huge, warm smile and a welcome chat. Much to our son's delight, she then invites us all to board a farm vehicle and drives us to our cabin.

As we hitch a ride, I realise Sean is already in his element.

Before arriving, I had visions of Little House On The Prairie.

I knew the cabin would have no electricity and that we would need to start a fire to cook anything.

I also knew that we were to be given our own chicken coop to source eggs (fingers crossed).

But the sight of trendy deckchairs on the verandah, and a hot tub out back, were our first clues to the less-than-basic furnishings to be found inside.

The stable-door entrance led into a living area, complete with sofa, dining table and chairs, a kitchen area with a sink and drinkable running water and a rustic wood-burning stove to cook on.

A cold store in the corner was already stocked with eggs, sausages, bacon and various other supplies, while enamelware dinner sets, pots and pans, cutlery and wine glasses filled the cupboards.

Spotless white bed linen and bath towels greeted us in the various places to sleep - a comfy double bed, twin singles tucked up in the mezzanine level and children's bunk beds disguised as a cupboard with heart-carved peep holes in the doors.

A hanging oil-filled lamp and candle lanterns are provided for when daylight fades and plenty of wood and kindling is supplied for lighting fires, too.

Perhaps best of all, the bathroom has a hot shower.

You could easily come here just to relax and enjoy the Great British countryside, but we decide to take up Fay's offer of a full tour of the farm and even milk a cow.

Next we meet the new arrivals, including a calf born the night before while we were tucked up in bed.

Fay's stories were both entertaining and educational, a hard-working team who truly enjoy what they do.

After earning your keep, why not set off to explore the area.

The market town of Ledbury is quintessentially British, with bunting lining the streets on our visit and an array of shops selling award-winning local produce - most notably cider, meats and wines.

Fruit-picking is also an option and we spent an afternoon at Clive's Fruit Farm, about half an hour from Hollings Hill, to stock up on strawberries.

Loaded up with plenty of supplies for dinner, we choose to tackle the outdoor oven.

How hard could it be? It turns out it isn't that hard at all, as Fay is on hand to light the communal pizza oven for us all.

All that was left for us to do was to heat up the hot tub, which takes a few hours, and venture out in our swimming trucks and swimsuit to take the plunge.

Feeling refreshed and revived we awake on our final morning to discover our chicken has finally laid an egg.

With absolute delight Sean comes bounding back to the cabin, egg aloft.

You can hardly understand him through his squeals.

"Mummy look, mummy look." But a toddler running in wellies, while carrying an egg was never going to end well.

Enjoy Rural Relaxation and Luxury Camping at Bustling Hollings Hill Farm in Herefordshire 1

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