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As part of Hospitality Industry, we believe that quality should be the most important factor when it comes to Linen products. We want your guests to enjoy their stay within your establishment, whether that be getting a great night's sleep on the softest linen imaginable or slipping into a smooth bathrobe after enjoying a relaxing bath; you can find everything you need for absolute comfort here.Infinity Linen are Enriched with finest quality Yarns, with a completely vertical production cycle from the Yarn to the finished product, we produce Jacquard/Dobby/Embroidery or Plain Patterns.

With the elegant mix of luxury, tradition, the best experienced craftsman, extreme quality raw materials, along with the aesthetic approach, today we present our prestigious brand 'iLinen' from both our China and Indian manufacturing facilities.Our Linen products have to exceed each client's expectations of how their final products should be with an affordable price and today, we stand tall as a proud manufacturer of Luxury & Elegant linen which is being enjoyed by the 5 & 7 star hotels, restaurants and hospitals across the Globe


What is one retail experience you've had as a customer that made you decide to never shop at the company again?

I can't remember which dollar store I was shopping at, but I really don't frequent any of them anymore. Here's why.One of my habits when travelling used to be to avoid bringing toiletries with because that was just a few extra seconds that I could save in security. I would go to the dollar store to get travel sizes of the hairspray, shaving supplies, and toothpaste I needed while using the hotel supplies for everything else.

I was in Monroe, Louisiana, and I stopped into a dollar store to get my items. I saw that they had the cat food that I use in there which was an absolute shock to me.My cats eat a diet that is strictly Wellness canned food.

It's a high quality food from an impressive company. I typically buy three cases of the large cans at a time, and that lasts my little demons about 12 weeks.Wellness had a product recall a couple of years ago, and when I checked my cans, they were involved in the recall.

The problem was, I had purchased three cases, and I only had two cans left. I was, however, very concerned because my beasts had already eaten 34 of the cans. I needed to know what to look out for.I sent them an email with all of these details including my Amazon receipt from when I bought them.

I made it clear that I wasn't looking for a refund. I made it clear that my cats had eaten 34 of the 36 cans.The responded to me that the factory where the process the food is shared by other companies, and one of those other companies had some metal shavings get into their product.

The result was that all of the product that was made that day on that assembly line had to be recalled.I had enough information to talk to my vet to see if there would be any long term complications *just in case*, and there weren't. However, the thing that really impressed me was that they sent me three new cases.

Fast forward a year.

I was standing in the aisle at one of the dollar stores looking at all of this Wellness cat food that was selling for a dollar a can and wondering how that was possible. Usually, it sells for three times that. And then it hit me.I pulled out my phone, did a search for the Wellness recall, and checked the serial numbers against the ones in the store. Sure enough, they were recalls.I always wondered how dollar stores could operate at a profit.

I guess now I know.

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