How long is the service life of hotel linen!

2021-02-02 11:03:07

For hotels, how to control the loss rate of hotel linen is very important, which is actually closely related to whether we manage correctly during use!
⑴. The service life of hotel linen
The linen used in the hotel has a certain lifespan, so in addition to the normal washing of the cotton fabrics, the hotel laundry must also do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of the cotton fabrics to extend the service life as much as possible and reduce the rate of damage. If the linen is used for an extended period of time, serious damage to the linen will occur, and re-use will affect the quality of hotel service.How long is the service life of hotel linen! 1⑵. How to correctly control the loss of linen
1. Use detergents correctly, master reasonable feeding time and temperature, understand the basic characteristics and usage methods of detergents, timely use dechlorinating agents to remove excess chlorine, and neutralize residual alkalis with neutralizing agents;
2. Avoid direct contact with hotel linens with strong acid or corrosive chemicals;
3. Do the sorting work before washing, including sorting the types of linen and separating sundries;
4. Be careful during the collection and transportation of linen to prevent secondary pollution and accidental tearing;How long is the service life of hotel linen! 25. Avoid "fatigue use", that is, washing multiple times on the same day, this will accelerate the shortening of the life of the linen every day. It should have sufficient rest time, at least 24 hours or more, that is, after washing, rest for one day and use it the next day;
6. Check the machine frequently to prevent secondary pollution and man-made damage. The load should be appropriate (80%~85%) during washing. Too much or too little will affect the cleanliness and wear of the linen;
7. Before the washing operation, the machine should be empty to check whether there are sharp and iron debris in the machine drum;
8. Do a good job in the classification of new and old hotel linen. Natural damage and abnormal damage of old linen should be treated separately. The length of dehydration time should be different for different strengths of new and old linens.

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