Washing Notes for Pure Cotton Hotel Towel & Bathrobe

2021-07-14 17:12:58

Washing Notes for Pure Cotton Hotel Towel & Bathrobe 1
Towels are an investment.  It’s important to find a way to prolong their life. Whether you own a hotel, spa, gym, hair salon or another business where clients come in use with towels, you need to keep them looking good and smelling great. After all, the state of your bath linen speaks volumes about your business.
If you're wondering how to keep your towels and bathrobe soft and fluffy wash after wash, here's some tips on the best way to wash. 
Washing tips
1. Water quality:
Washed with water after softening treatment is recommended. The washing intensity adopts a mild washing program.


Washing Notes for Pure Cotton Hotel Towel & Bathrobe 2
Washing Notes for Pure Cotton Hotel Towel & Bathrobe 3
2. The first time over the water is crucial:
Many new towels, bathrobes skips over the water with first-related. Pilling of towels and bathrobes is related to the water passing procedure.
3. Suggestions for washing with water for the first time:
Washing temperature should not exceed 60 ℃. The main wash time is slightly shorter transfer time than normal washing, because new bathrobe almost no pollution, it is recommended not to put softener to avoid towels, bathrobes non-absorbent. Or it may chemically react with the softener of the original towels and bathrobes, causing the towels and bathrobes to turn yellow. It is recommended to wash with water.
Washing Notes for Pure Cotton Hotel Towel & Bathrobe 4
Washing Notes for Pure Cotton Hotel Towel & Bathrobe 5
4. Washing pretreatment:
Before washing with chemicals, the laundry should be pre-washed, and the impurities and weakly attached dirt in the laundry should be cleaned by washing and flushing with cold water.


5. Main wash:
The water temperature should not exceed 75°C. Meanwhile the installed capacity must be between 70% and 80% of the loading capacity; especially when the installed capacity is obviously insufficient, the washing strength of the linen will be improved. Affect the service life of linen.
Washing Notes for Pure Cotton Hotel Towel & Bathrobe 6
Washing Notes for Pure Cotton Hotel Towel & Bathrobe 7
6. Bleaching:
Oxygen bleaching mode, can not use chlorine bleaching method. In particular, new towels and bathrobes have good water absorption properties and also good permeability to bleach. This part of control is not good, new towels, bathrobes damage is greater than the old towels. This is also one of the reasons why new towels and bathrobes in some hotels are damaged. When new products are put into bleach, the bleach must be adjusted evenly. Control the temperature and PH value of warm cleaning.

7. Over water:

To thoroughly filter out the detergent residues on towels and bathrobes. It is recommended that the number of water passes should not be less than: 2 times. When washing, the excess water should be sufficient. If the washing water is not clear, it will cause the impurities, dirt and detergent to be peeled off in the washing water to adhere to the surface of the product again, affecting the washing effect and causing damage to the inside of the fiber. When washing white products, try to wash the chlorine as much as possible. The presence of chlorine makes the fiber excessively oxidized, causing the white towel to turn yellow.


8. Drying:
The drying standard is drying until the towel is 80% dry. When towels and bathrobes are taken out of the oven, there should be obvious moisture, which reduces the dry friction of the towels. This link is very important: it has a significant impact on the softness of towels and bathrobes, whether they turn yellow, whether they become brittle, and their service life.
After drying, cold air is required to restore the good elasticity of towels and bathrobes. Generally, the drying temperature of cotton fiber is 80°C.
Washing Notes for Pure Cotton Hotel Towel & Bathrobe 8
Washing Notes for Pure Cotton Hotel Towel & Bathrobe 9
9. Dehydration:
Pay attention to the see-through lens when spinning at high speed. If there is any entanglement, stop the machine in time, recondition and then spin dry. If you use a dehydrator to spin dry, add a clean cover to effectively reduce damage.
10. End of washing:
When unloading items, you should be careful not to use strong pulling, because it is easy to be damaged by strong pulling.
11. Regular inspection:
Whether there are burrs on the inner wall of the washing equipment, if any burrs are found, remove them in time.

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