Why do duvets get down out ?

2021-11-29 10:25:09

If the duvet still rustles, it is a nightmare for people with poor sleep quality. So why does the duvet run fluffy? How did that rustling noise happen? Can it be avoided? Let the editor tell you next!


The anti-drilling down quilt has a direct relationship with the fabric. Any fabric that can be used to make the duvet shell must be based on the premise of high count and high density, and it must be treated with anti-fleece.A high-quality duvet, the fabric must have a very good anti-pile effect, and take into account good air permeability.

Why do duvets get down out ? 1


The down ingredients filled in the duvet are not only down (down), but also down silk, feather silk, waterfowl hair, damaged hair, terrestrial bird hair, impurities and so on.

Why do duvets get down out ? 2

The diameter of the piles can generally reach more than 1CM, and the diameter of the piles produced by fine varieties can even reach 4-5CM, so the general piles cannot escape from the middle of the fabric or through the eye of the needle.


Therefore, the down that can really be drilled is mostly due to the fact that there are more flying silk or neck hair in the filling. Therefore, we must learn to choose products with less fly silk content, in other words products with high velvet content.


Duvets are easier to take care of, and you dont need to take them out to bask as often as quilts, but at the same time duvets are more delicate.


Why do duvets get down out ? 3Why do duvets get down out ? 4


First, when using the duvet, do not rub it with hard, sharp objects, so as not to fray or hook the fabric, which may cause the down to overflow.


In addition, if the child likes to play on the bed, or the family members are used to lying on the duvet, then because the down is full of air, the instant squeezing will cause the air to rush out quickly and bring out the down.




Secondly, duvets should not be exposed to the sun, because the feathers of down are brittle, and long-term sultry will turn the feathers into broken velvet threads, which will not only reduce the bulkiness of the down, but also affect the warmth retention effect, and the broken velvet threads will increase. The risk of drilling down.




Thirdly, duvets can be dry cleaned and washed, but washing must be done in strict accordance with professional guidelines.




Therefore, in order to avoid duvet drilling and prolong the service life of the duvet, please avoid the above misunderstandings during use.


Based on the above, it can be seen that the running of duvets is a complicated problem. The duvets will have a little flying silk out during use, but the flaws are not concealed. For the warm materials filled with good duvets, a little bit Small drawbacks are harmless.

Why do duvets get down out ? 5


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