Daughter Left Speechless After Noticing VERY RUDE Pattern ...

A DAUGHTER was left red-faced after discovering an X-rated pattern on her mum's new cushion covers.

Reddit user Waffle_Tw*** took pictures of her mother's lovely new blue and white floral cushions before noticing a rather phallic like image - cleverly disguised as a twee rose print.

She posted the snap on Reddit with the comment: "My mother bought these throw pillows." The hilarious post quickly attracted hundreds of funnycomments.

One wrote: " Where does one procur such things? I have a retirement facility that needs decorating." Another joked: " I couldn't figure it out for the longest time. Then, I realized I'd been staring at a bunch of d**** for the past 5 minutes. " Oneeagle-eyed user even decided to do some research to find out where to buy the rude cushions.

The penis cushions can be bought from LookHuman.com which retails the "floral penis pattern blue throw pillow" starting at$23.99 ( £19.21) for the smallest one without an insert.

"Looking for a new French toile pattern blanket for your couch?" the tongue-in-cheek product description reads.

"Something that is nice flowery and with mildly offensive genitalia to your mother once she stares at it too long?

"This subtle floral penis pattern is for you!" The cushion comes in three sizes: 14 inch, 16 inch and 20 inch.

The pattern is believed to have been designed by Coey Kuhn who offers it on his blog as a "Free penis pattern!!!".

The artist, from Columbus, Ohio, says: "F eel free to use on your twitter, blog etc.

"Just make sure you put the source in your side bar etc. and not for anything commercial or for sale w/o my okay. Thanks! and enjoy!" We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Email us at or call 0207 782 4368.

Daughter Left Speechless After Noticing VERY RUDE Pattern ... 1

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