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The development of the Hotel industry has been going on for a long time. However, it is still difficult for the hotel companies to create new and original designs in this domain. It would be great if they could replace expensive traditional towels with these luxury ones with better quality and design.

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How do many people from second and third world countries have the luxury to study abroad?

A lot of these people are looking for backdoor immigration, therefore their families will spend any amount to get their kids into university abroad. They are looking for scammigration. Also, countries the western/developed world has long thought of as "poor" really are not. China, India, lots of Latin American, Asian & African countries, have growing middle classes, as well as an unbelievably-weathy class. Europe & North America have taxed themselves to death, and proportionately few "weathy" that over half of the populations of these countries rely on for their own survival. E.g. US is now up to 52% of the population relies on taxpayer-paid funds such as welfare, food stamps, and a lot more

Which regular car brands own luxury car brands?

Hi Bmw produce both Rolls royce and Bentley as well as Aston Martin these days

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Why are Sharon and Emily sleeping in the hotel on Y&R? But not luxury apartment?

Maybe it is cheaper for Y&R just to use the same is funny does not matter who is in the room it always looks the same, nothing really changes Deacon and Amber used it......I think by now it would need a good cleaning. .......I often wonder when John Abbott was alive why Jack never had his own place, Mr Bachelor could of had some wild party's but he always stayed home....he could have been Hugh Hefner

How can I make an old luxury car look new again?

Depends on how old it, and in which condition. There are various workshops, which deal with old car restoration. Typically three major things should be done. A) repainting the car, replacing an upholstery, and replacing cockpit.For an average car it could cost around 10000$, assuming that car hull is in perfect condition.As for mechanical part, costs vary differently, depends on particular model and its particular condition. For specific rare models, which ceased a production a long while ago, e.g Duesenberg or Tucker, it could costs tens of tousands of dollars. For more present Mercedes's of sixties it could be cheaper , as long as company still provides with original spare parts.

How do people buy Porsche or any luxury car, paying almost 40% monthly tax in Germany?

By earning enough so they can (just as all the other people who buy Porsches around the globe).It's not like we are poor in Germany (or Europe as a whole as we all pay pretty much equally high taxes) - we just pay what you US-Americans pay to private companies to the state (and on a sidenote:, we get more bang for the buck).If Germans/Europeans would be poor, we would be flooded by US-american investors. But we are not, because we are about as rich/poor as you are.We do not really care about our taxes here. Our employers handle them for us. We get what we get after taxes and in 99% of the business fields it's more than enough to live a good life (and it always includes health care and pension).

How about a luxury tax on first class airfare to pay the US debt? $100.00 for every 1000 miles?

The problem is we subsidize our own airlines. And its impossible to enforce. What determines 'first class airfare" after all?

What car should I buy in San Diego, California? I like to have a reliable sedan car and luxury at the same time with budget of $450/month.

You can lease a top of the line, loaded Toyota Camry for quite a bit less than that

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