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2021-12-15 21:50:28


Forge ahead in unity, forge ahead, Yilaiya 45-day sales performance PK competition:

At 16:00 on May 16th, the 45-day sales performance PK competition of Guangdong Yilai Textile Co., Ltd. was held in the company's multi-functional hall. Deputy General Manager Maggie said at the meeting: Sales is one of the core departments of the company. All departments of the company serve sales. The purpose of performance PK is to commend outstanding individuals and teams, promote positive models, and urge backward progress. Starting from the sales department, we hope to lead the way from the point of view, first to form a PK culture in the marketing center,and then to affect the entire company, to form a competitive atmosphere,and to achieve the purpose of implementing the marketing culture of all employees.

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The team and individual PK competition of the Ministry of Foreign Trade is in progress

The evaluation cycle is based on a monthly standard, and the evaluation of each award is calculated through a strict scoring formula.
Outstanding individuals and outstanding teams will be awarded monthly.
The results of each evaluation will also be used as a reference standard for the selection of outstanding individuals and teams in the PK competition.
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45-day PK match results announced

This time, the host showed the transcripts of each member of the Ministry of Foreign Trade through ppt.
There were PKs between teams and individuals, and the winner or loser was determined on the spot, and the loser also offered "capital loss" with both hands and was punished.
The director of the foreign trade department made a summary of the 45-day performance.
At the same time, all the sales staff started the business in July.
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Eliya excellent sales team:
Winning or losing the PK competition is not the goal, it motivates the sales staff to constantly surpass and strive to be the pioneer.
The team award setting is to reflect the importance of teamwork.
Only by gathering the strength of the team can we go further.
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