ELIYA Factory Tour for CCPIT

2021-04-09 20:14:51

ELIYA Factory Tour for CCPIT 1

Apirl 8th ,2021, Members of CCPIT(China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) visited Factory of ELIYA Hotel Linen CO.,Ltd, China.

ELIYA Factory Tour for CCPIT 2

Maggie, the Vice Manager of ELIYA, led all the members and showed around the factory and showroom and did brief presentation about the history and design concepts of ELIYA brand and products. With the 15 years history, ELIYA has been a professional supplier and dedicated to the one-stop solutions for hotel related accessories. The letter I in ELIYA means innovation, During the corona-19, ELIYA also establish a new brand for home textile - FINE HOME. Everyone agreed with the business concepts of ELIYA and Maggie’s professional skill.

ELIYA Factory Tour for CCPIT 3

During the visiting on the showroom, Maggie explain the details of the hotel products and some of the ideas in hospitality field. When she mentioned the topic about what is the most comfortable duvet, all the members agree with that and give their thumb up, all of them shows their sincerity for cooperating with ELIYA.

ELIYA Factory Tour for CCPIT 4ELIYA Factory Tour for CCPIT 5

Thanks for all the staff to visit ELIYA. We do believe that ELIYA will have more chances to be known by the world with the help of CCPIT. ELIYA will spread the products and concepts of made in China to the world.

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