Air Curtain and Discovering How It Does Affect the Air Conditioning :

air curtain reduces building energy costs, keep environments sanitary through the elimination of flying pests and debris and ensure consistent building temperatures using an invisible unobstructing flow of air. Put air curtain to work at all your openings including entry/exit doors, pass-thru windows, dock doors, receiving doors and create internal climatic separation and realize comfortable results as well as financial results.Air curtains include of a nozzle system and fan which create a jet of high speed air directed across a door opening, providing a protective air shield.

The air shield minimizes the transfer of heat, dust, moisture, fumes and insects through the doorway.An Air curtain is a huge energy saving device that helps to maintain interior building temperatures while doors and windows are constantly being opened and closed. By maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, employee productivity increases and energy costs decrease.

They also prevent, dust dirt, and fumes from entering and providing a cleaner , deter flying insects , more hygienic environment.Also industrial air curtain is used primarily for environmental and insect control. In the summer, Air Curtain to keep warm air and bugs out and the air conditioning in.

In the winter, use the same air curtain to keep cold winter temperatures from entering your facility and keep your customers and employees comfortable. They will drastically cut heating and cooling costs.Across every industry and facility type (no matter what size), DamaTajhiz can develop custom whole facility sanitation and significant energy savings with a protective shield of air across every opening, including internal separation across multiple cold storage units.

Air Curtain can be used in a variety of different applications and industries. Browse the industry applications for instance:restaurant and foodservice,transportation and terminals,manufacturing and distribution,health care and hospital and,and much more. feel free to contact us( to discuss how which Air Curtains can help your company.


How does a professional loan for a doctor help in business growth?

Putting it in the simplest way, professional loan for doctors serve the same purpose as financial loans serve for individuals. Every business plan, whether it's a healthcare facility or a steel company, needs an abundance of capital. By applying for a professional loan for Doctor you will get a huge amount of money which enough to finance your entire business plan.

How does a professional loan for doctor help in business growth?Business Expansion: If you know that your clinic/healthcare facility is streamlined, you can plan for expansion. You can expand your business and set up new clinics in new places where the chances of success are high, or at places where the locals need better healthcare facilities.Set Up a New Business: Just setting up a clinic will do no good if your clinic lacks the important medical equipment related to your specialization.

Like a dentist needs at least a good-quality dentist chair to start his/her clinic, similarly, doctors specializing in other domains need different types of equipment to set up their clinics. Using the sum procured from the professional loan, doctors can set up their new clinic, purchase the important equipment; and even use the sum as working capital for the initial period

Air Curtain and Discovering How It Does Affect the Air Conditioning : 1

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