Three Main Types of Pillows


life is a longing process. Many generations transmitted the wisdom,

their knowledge, skills and traditions to the next ones. Their

experience is one of the most important things in the world. And

it was brought to us by means of proverbs and sayings. Sometimes they

seem to us ridiculous or out of date, but many of them mirror the

folk wisdom we went away from. I

remember that my granny often told me about the true friends - "The

best friend of a girl is her pillow." May be it is so, but not all

of pillows can be names with such serious word. So what does "the

pillow" mean? Wikipedia

gives such definition "A pillow is a

large cushion support for the head, usually used while sleeping in a

bed, or for the body as used on a couch or chair". Also

we can find the throw pillows (sometimes they are called toss

pillows), which we needn't in our everyday life because of their

decorative purpose and they are not obligatory for our health

comfort. There

are three main types of pillows for sale in any big store. They are bed pillows,

decorative pillows and orthopedic pillows in accordance of their

usage. The

size of a bed pillow depends on the size of the bed.

The standard size measures out at 20 x 26 inches, the queen size

measures out at 20 x 30 inches and the king size measures out at 20 x

36 inches. For

example, a standard pillow fits a single

bed, while queen and king sized beds usually have larger pillows. But

everything depends on your own taste - if you like big pillows

nothing can prevent to use the king size pillow with twin bed. There

are several types of decorative pillows. They are throw

(or toss) pillows, cushions and bolts, which are the special form of

throw pillows. A

throw (or toss) pillows, are very small

among decorative types of pillows. Usually they play the only

decorative role lying upon armchairs, sofas or beds. I am afraid of

very difficult sleeping on such pillows! A

cushion is a large pillow for comfortable

sitting or kneeling upon, for example on a ground, or grass, making

softer sitting on a firm chair or stool. Normally cushions are

staffed with wool, feathers, polyester or even cotton or paper.

Earlier they were used when praying. Orthopedic

pillows are the pillow with medical inclination, designed to prove

the body position while lying or sitting. Its design helps to cure

some orthopedic problems when giving the right position and support

those parts of body, which are to have more attention from the

medical point of view. These

pillows are traditionally made of foam and fiber, but today we can

see the new type of inner stuffing - memory foam.


general, the characteristics of those materials often similar, but

they differ in the way of coming back (or not) to the previous form,

when body pressure ends. If

even orthopedic pillows have the medical aim it doesn't mean that

they can be used only in hospitals or for unhealthy persons. No. If

you care about your and your family health it would be quite normal

to buy such pillows for everyday using. They

are able to help you not to get the neck

and spine pains, for example. They can help to reduce such medical

problems as sleep apnea, snoring or difficulty of breathing. There

are many types of these pillows almost for every part of the body and

you will have opportunity to choose your variant. I

think, that sleeping or sitting on

orthopedic pillows really can bring the sweet dreams and relaxation

from tiredness! And do you know that there is a neck pillow used by

travelers? You

can find pillows of almost every forms, colors, themes and materials:

round, triangle, square or rectangular; big

or small; of Asia, Egypt, Europe and other themes; of silk, velvet,

velour, cotton, chenille or leather. They are various in prices -

cheap, inexpensive, expensive and very expensive. They are very and

very different. And

that is the most pleasant - it is not a very complicated work to

make contemporary decorative pillows by

yourself. Dare ,

and after all your pillow will be your best friend!

Three Main Types of Pillows 1

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