Mexico a Perfect Holiday Destination of Latin America

Mexico has long been a well-known holiday destination owing to its beautiful countryside picturesque landscape and culture. Now is also a major destination for Canadians and Americans for


retreats. The following are some of the places you visit during your vacation in Mexico:

El Zocalo

This is a famous tourist spot surrounded by the cathedral square, coffee shops and has a historical and architectural value. The best time to enjoy the square is at night, when surrounded by tourists and a visitor to enjoy it's a band playing in the center. When on a vacation to Mexico, you can always enjoy a great night to visit the place and see dancing and listening to music outdoors.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

This white marble structure is another famous tourist spot in Mexico and is located in a corner of the Central Alameda. The Palace also shows museums as the Museum of Architecture and the Museum of Fine Arts Palace. With an art center and a huge concert hall, the place is often surrounded by tourists and visitors waiting to experience the wealth of sculptures, paintings and art for your holidays in Mexico. Museums also have a collection of renowned artists such as David Alfro Siqueiros, Diego Rivera and Rufino Tamayao. The glass curtain theater stage is another major attraction that draws many tourists and visitors.

Templo Mayor

A vacation in Mexico is not complete without a visit to the main temple of the Aztecs, which has a rich historical value to. Built in 1375, the temple was rebuilt and enlarged at different stages. The museum also features an extraordinary museum, which displays artifacts or objects excavated at the original site and these relic items with a global summary of the Aztec civilization. The stone work of art is also a reason to vacation in Mexico to visit this resort. There are many

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who can arrange your visit to Mayor temple.


Founded in 1558, this colonial jewel of Mexico is a city with a rich historical background and is worth a trip to when on vacation in Mexico. This city gives a touch of history and


of its national holiday in Mexico, with its impressive architecture, old buildings, narrow valley, museums, churches, irregular streets, but beautifully situated and houses, hiding places, tunnels and steep stairs to reach the houses built on slopes. The city is a major tourist spot since being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Zona Rosa

This region is the central destination for tourists and visitors seeking a relaxing holiday in Mexico. The place is home to the nightlife of shops, restaurants and dazzling, with streets showing surprising shops, bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants.

The ideal time for a vacation in Mexico in July and August, October and May for during this time the weather is mild. Mexico is beautiful during the day, the country truly becomes alive at night when people think out of the woodwork to enjoy life after the sunset. Crowded nightclubs, bars are celebrating, and there is always a feast or festival to enjoy. So want to enjoy a thrilling stay in Mexico than contact your travel agent and get best

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Mexico a Perfect Holiday Destination of Latin America 1

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