Living Room Decor: 5 Products That Will Instantly Give Your Room a Makeover | the Times of India

01/6Living room decor: 5 products that will instantly give your room a makeoverOne can easily bored of a certain decor theme that lasts for more than 6 months. While getting fresh new paint is definitely a monetary investment, there are also various inexpensive and quick ways to overhaul your home decor. Rearranging your furniture, replacing or relocating your accessories are activities that do not require plenty of effort and still make a huge difference. Rearranging your furnishing or art on wall is another way that will make a huge impact in changing the look of your room.Here are 5 products that will give your room an instant makeover-02/6Rearrange the FurnitureThe furniture in your living is probably something that occupies the maximum space-physically and visually. Rearranging the sofa and easy chairs would definitely bring a new look to your living room. If all your furniture faces the television, try adding or subtracting accessories or lamps near the television unit. Putting a piece of furniture at an unexpected spot will also give you fresh new perspective on managing your living room.Image source: unsplash.com03/6Replace the throw pillows and cushionsCushions are the perfect decorative accessory. They add color, pattern, texture, and comfort to just about any space. Cushions and throw pillows have the ability to change the look and feel of a room instantly. So if you want to give your living room a fresh look without replacing any of the major pieces , try switching out the cushion covers for new ones or getting a few in different shapes and sizes. It may feel like a small change but would have a big impact.Image source: unsplash.com04/6Change the lightingLighting in any room has a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. If your room features the simple and functional bulbs or tube lights, it is time to change them up and get yourself a brand new chandelier or a floor lamp. If you have something heavy and bold like bulbs, switch it out for something light and airy like LED lamps. If you have something modern, switch it out for something traditional like a vintage lamp. The design you bring into your room would decide the vibe of it.Image source: unsplash.com05/6Style the books on the bookshelfDoes your living room features a bookshelf? An extremely easy and quick way to bring a change to your living room is to arrange the books based on colour. Books arranged based on their colours would look aesthetically appealing and would encourage to keep them in place at all times. You can also use the bookshelves to display accessories and even lights if you can find a creative way to display them. Stacking books horizontally and vertically also creates a visual direction for the eye, making your living room pleasing. Image source: unsplash.com06/6Edit the decor pieces and accessoriesAn easy way to change the look of your living room would be to remove a few pieces and accessories. If there are decorative pieces in the living room like floral displays, artefacts, or sculptures, try putting them in some other room for a few days. Subtracting pieces from the home will also ensure an effective decluttering process. While decorating generally means adding pieces that add more appeal, removing few is a novel idea that can also help you de-stress. Removing decor pieces will also help in making your living room airy and spacious. Image source:

Living Room Decor: 5 Products That Will Instantly Give Your Room a Makeover  | the Times of India 1

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