Gael Monfils Get Unofficial Towel During Rafa Nadal Match ...

From the exact order he towels himself down after each point to how his water bottles are placed on the sidelines, Rafael Nadal is famous for his rituals on the tennis court.

But it was his French opponent Gael Monfils who drew attention on Monday night with a bizarre display of his own.

After going to a quick break of serve down at 2-0 in the first set, Monfils made his way over to the umpire's chair where he requested a new set of towels.

Not just any towels, however, he requested a set of non-regulation white bath towels, and asked the ball boy to have them ready by the end of the next service game.

It is not clear why Monfils had a problem with the game towels, though 7 commentator Lleyton Hewitt suggested several possibly explanations.

'Sometimes players prefer to use the white towel when they're out there,' he said.

'Sometimes the fluff from the new tournament towels comes off.'

Jim Courier added that the tournament towels often do not absorb sweat very well, which makes sense, considering the high humidity in Melbourne at the time.

Temperatures had reached 36C in the city during the day, but as night fell and rain was forecast, humidity jumped above 80 per cent.

The rain threat also forced tournament bosses to close the roof, further upping the temperature inside the arena.

Monfils was not the only one suffering in the heat - Nadal was also dripping with sweat from the first game on, with Twitter users describing him as 'leaking like a tap.'

In fact the sweat issue became so bad at one point that one of the ball boys had to towel it off the line close to where he was serving.

To the Spaniard's credit, he did acknowledge the volunteer's effort, patting them on the back as they completed the thankless task.

Monfils also received his request of white bath towels, but they did not appear to help him, as he lost the first set 6-3, having failed to recover from the early break.

The second set went the same way, with Nadal triumphing 6-3, before a comeback by Monfils in the third, which went to him 6-4.

He also threatened to take the fourth, breaking Nadal earlier on, but the former world number one battled back to claim it 6-4.

Nadal will now play No. 3 seed Milos Raonic, who he lost to in Brisbane earlier this month, in the quarterfinal.

Gael Monfils Get Unofficial Towel During Rafa Nadal Match ... 1

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New! Creative Ideas on Choosing Your Window Covering Style
Window coverings have a process on how you should choose your window curtains and drapes. You have three basic choices to decide from on what window treatment is best for your homes decor. You first have to decide whether you want informal or formal window coverings? Secondly unlined or lined? And thirdly the style and type of heading desired. After you have decided on the type of window treatment you are looking for you can start to finalize the design. Window coverings are influenced by several elements, which include the function of the space, the style of the architecture of the home, and the window treatment preferences of the homeowner. The resulting factor is the same window design can be treated very differently depending on the person's taste. Imagine a dining room that has a bay window. This type of window style is usually a multi layered floor length window treatment - basically it's a formal window covering. If your taste is a more casual laid-back style you may introduce an informal appearance of café curtains with some sill length and some tied back side panels.What is a full formal window treatment? A formal window covering usually will have two or three layers. The first layer may be the casement curtain and will be installed within your Windows trim area. Usually you would use a sheer, solid or maybe a lace panel that will lay straight or either gathered at the top. Over draperies usually called just draperies will be your second layer. Generally they will cover the trim and window and if there is room left stretched further to each side or even the area that is above your window. Optionally the third layer of your full formal window treatment will be a valance this is also known as pelnet that horizontally runs across the top of your window and will cover the curtain or drapery heading. Another piece of the formal window treatment is a hard valance, also known as a lanbre-quin or a cornice. It is normally made with wood, which is then covered with upholstery or some fabric. To some people by not using the third treatment it will appear like the window covering is unfinished but in all sense this depends on the taste and style that you are trying to obtain. By using heavy but curious fabrics which would include brocades, Tapestries, silks, Damasks and velvet you will enhance the prestige of the formal treatment. The downside of these fabrics is that they will require cleaning from professionals every couple of years. What is an Informal window treatment?An informal window treatment can consist of one or two basic layers or you may decide on having nothing at all. If you have a great window location with privacy a beautiful window can look great even without a dressing especially if you have a great view. Sometimes just some basic casement curtains look great for a casual room. If you need to cover only the lower half of the window a Café curtain can offer you privacy and not block the light. Fabrics that are used for the informal look consist of chitz, ticking, linen, muslin and gingham. A benefit to the informal window coverings over the formal window coverings is that most of these are washable and easy to take care of. Window drapes and curtain linings Depending whether you have a formal or informal curtain or drape covering it will often decide if your window treatment will be lined. Factors will include the amount of natural light you want in your room and the length of time you expect the arrangement will last. Unlined curtains diffuse daylight but won't exclude it. Being the simplest form for your window covering it is still very effective by itself as a window under treatment. The unlined treatment doesn't have the extra thickness of a lining and will stack lightly back. A good choice is to use a fabric that looks attractive from both sides so there will not be a right or wrong side for the inside or outside of your window covering. Classic choices for unlined treatments would consist of lace, mobile, Muslim and sheers that are made out of cotton or silk organza. You may even have textured fabrics that have open weaves; an unlined curtain will filter the light beautifully and give you some privacy in the evening when the lamp is on. Try consolidating sheers with window blinds and shades. Unlined curtain drawbacks are the damage from the sunlight on the window treatment because there is no lining for your window fabric for protection it will deteriorate rapidly. Lined curtains and drapes Lined curtains and drapes have more body, which will give you softer and deeper folds and improve the window treatment appearance. The lining will block sunlight and protect the window fabric from fading. A lining also preserves the color and increases your privacy and will reduce noise from outside. Look for linings that are treated to resist sun damage and rot, once the lining becomes deteriorated you can just realign it or just hang the window covering without the lining on. The rule of thumb is that if you line one curtain in the room do all the rest the same so they will match, Usually the lining fabric will be off-white or white although you can get colored linings you should know that this will affect the hue of the window covering when light passes through it especially in a lightweight curtain fabric get samples and test them together for a color change.
Understand Fuzzy Bathrobe
An Introduction to fuzzy bathrobeKamarion,Whoa! Hold your horses young lad. If you want to be Marine infantry you should have no trouble for Marines ARE infantry. They are amphibious infantry who specialize in going ashore and holding a beach against overwhelming opposition. And if you are a Marine you ARE on the front lines even if you are in a combat support role.But for now I would recommend reading everything you can get your hands on about American History, World History, and Military History. The more you read the better you will write. If you write really well you will succeed in any walk of life.Work on your math. If you want to enlist you will have to take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery). If you ace the math section you will qualify for many technical specialities.There is a stereotype about combat officers, promoted by MASH, that they are brutal war hawks who love sending young men into the "jaws of death." Sometimes this is true as when generals in WW1 "tried to defeat the machine gun with young men's chests" as George Will has written. But in most cases, military officers have been serious intellectuals who have dedicated their lives to studying the "art of war."There is also the wisecrack that "military intelligence is an oxymoron." We just saw how an odd duck in a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers like LCDR Joe Rocheford determined that the Japanese fleet was headed for Midway.So, Kamarion, lay off the war movies and hit the books. I read years ago that the Marine Corps has a reading list of classics in military science that enlisted men and women are expected to study in their off duty hours. I don't know if they still require this but if they do you will be ahead of the game. Put down the cell phone and get to the library.This whole "kneading" cat thing, what is up with my cat? of fuzzy bathrobeI also have a cat who does this, and it might be because of the texture of the robe. We have a soft fuzzy blanket, and the working theory is that he was taken away from his mom too young; one of the other things kneading does is it's basically a 'milking' motion. Because the blanket is so soft and fuzzy - and maybe too because the person under it is so nice and warm - for these once-abandoned kitties, they have some sort of strange notion that the person is 'mom', and the kneading and 'chewing' is the act of feeding. I really don't know how you would stop this, except to get a bathrobe made out of a less fur-like material, like waffle weave or silk or something. I have baby kittens right now who do the same thing with my (fuzzy) bathrobe - but they're so cute I don't mindMy dad needs ideas for my moms of fuzzy bathrobeMom gifts can be tough (especially for Dads) The best thing my husband ever got me was a two day vacation to the beach (Halfmoon Bay in Cali) he got the room and had it decorated with candles and flowers and had my favorite book sitting on the bed.It was relaxing and EXACTLY a Moms paradise....two days to bubble bath and read or watch a movie and just veg out.I know this is not the cheap route but it was by far the best gift I have gotten....A little more cost reasonable would be a fuzzy bathrobe in her fav color with bath salts or bath beads and lotion with a CD of rainforrest or nature music to lock herself in the bath and relax.... put it all in a basket and wrap it....OR-Simply write her a letter telling her all the wonderful qualities she has and why you adore and appreciate her with a gift card to her fav place to shop so she can get herself something without possibly being dissappointed.DEFINATELY DO NOT............ get her an animal, or any living thing that she will have to care for, any appliances ie; blender, vacumm (even if she said in November that she really wanted it), lingerie (women hate this for Christmas- it is a valentines day type thing) or clothes- it is best to let her shop for herself).Hope that helped!
Why Supermarket Chiller Aisles May soon Not Be so Chilly
Have you ever gone food shopping on a lovely hot day only to be turned into an icicle walking past the supermarket's open chiller cabinets?Suddenly that shorts and T-shirt combo doesn't seem like such a smart idea as you dive in to grab your organic yoghurts.Well all that chilly discomfort could soon be history thanks to a gadget inspired by Formula 1 racing cars.The device is basically a thin strip of aluminium and plastic shaped like a wing that is attached to the front of the cabinet shelves. "The aerofoil acts like the rear wing of an F1 car and guides the air to create an air curtain," explains Craig Wilson, managing director of Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE)."It stops cold air spilling out into the stores."The strip, a result of a collaboration between WAE, the offshoot of the Williams F1 team, and Aerofoil Energy, may look simple, but it could save supermarkets millions in refrigeration costs.UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's is so impressed it has decided to fit the aerofoils in as many of its 1,400 supermarkets and convenience stores as it can."My wife used to moan at me incessantly about the cold when she went shopping at our local store," says Paul Crewe, Sainsbury's head of sustainability."But after we fitted the aerofoils she thought we'd turned the heating up." Of course, it's not just about customer comfort. The supermarket chain's annual electricity bill is "in the hundreds of millions of pounds", he says, and refrigeration accounts for about half of that.Fitting the aerofoils is reducing the chain's refrigeration costs by up to 15%, says Mr Crewe - a potential annual saving of nearly £10m."By looking outside of our industry, and borrowing technology from an industry that is renowned for its speed and efficiency, we are accelerating how we are reducing the impact on the environment, whilst making shopping in Sainsbury's stores a more comfortable experience," he says.But why do we have open chiller cabinets in the first place? Wouldn't cabinets with doors be much more efficient?"Consumers didn't like having to open and close doors on fridges, so we needed a new solution," argues Mr Crewe.But Myles McCarthy, director of implementation at the Carbon Trust, a sustainability consultancy that does a lot of work with supermarkets, suspects this has more to do with marketing."They think we'll buy less if there's a barrier between the products and the consumer," he says.While he welcomes the aerofoil innovation, he says: "This is just a stop-gap. The best way to reduce energy consumption is to put sliding or pull-out doors on all their fridges - this could cut electricity usage by 30%-40%."He thinks all the leading supermarkets should get together and all agree to put doors on their fridges by a certain date.This would "achieve their sustainability goals and save a lot of money," he argues, "and then they wouldn't lose competitive advantage."But in the fiercely competitive, price-driven world of supermarket retailing, it's hard to see such consensus breaking out any time soon. One of the problems with refrigeration - apart from the high electricity consumption - is that the traditional coolants used - hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) - are extremely polluting greenhouse gases that inevitably leak into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.So there are moves within the industry to switch to natural refrigerants based, ironically, on carbon dioxide (CO2), another greenhouse gas.But these natural CO2 alternatives are a thousand times less polluting than HFCs and HCFCs.Earlier this year, German discount supermarket group Aldi announced that it was spending £20m on installing natural refrigerants across all of its UK stores to reduce its environmental impact.Tesco, the largest UK supermarket chain, says it has reduced its refrigerant emissions by 14% since 2015/16.Of course, this is a global issue.Last year in Rwanda, nearly 200 countries agreed to amend the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer and begin phasing out HFCs.Supermarkets in general have been trying to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprints in a number of ways to combat global warming.For example, Sainsbury's is switching 250,000 lights to lower-energy LED fittings in its larger stores, slashing lighting energy consumption by 58% and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 3.4% annually, the company says.Others have been making greater use of natural light, fitting solar panels on to store roofs, and working with suppliers to reduce their energy consumption.Tesco has committed to running entirely on renewable energy in the UK and Ireland by the end of this year, and worldwide by 2030. "A food retail business could reduce its energy use by 20%-40% just by implementing a range of existing technologies," says Mr McCarthy. "These companies are committing to significant long-term decarbonisation of their businesses and to the use of renewables - which is very encouraging."
Hotel Slippers | Best Quality, Price, and Amazon Ratings
The introduction of hotel slippersHotel slippers have been around for years. They started as a basic necessity for travelers and quickly became a trend. But it was not until 2017 when hotel slippers exploded on the market that people started to take them seriously.Hotel slippers provide guests with something to wear at night while they sleep in their hotel’s bed, which is why they often come with an extra layer of cotton inside, so that the sheets stay clean and dry. They also serve as a nice item to give as a souvenir from your trip!Tips for hotel slippersThe best hotel slippers on the market are not only comfortable and soft, they will also help you to maintain your personal hygiene with a regular visit to the washing machine.Hotel slippers can also be used as a tool for rest control. For example, if you have trouble sleeping at night, you can wear your slippers while you sleep and they will be more comfortable than your bed sheets.Wearing a hotel slipper is also great for when you have guests over and don’t want to ruin the guests’ personal belongings.How to use hotel slippers?Hotel slippers are meant to be worn on the floor of a hotel. However, they can also be worn outside your hotel room and are a great way to keep your feet warm in winter.Hotel slippers are one of the most sought after items in hotels because they provide comfort and warmth. Some hotels even provide free slippers for guests who have forgotten theirs!Some hotels offer free slippers to guests who forget their own. This is because hotel slippers can serve as an excellent alternative to shoes and bare feet when you have nowhere else to keep your toes warm.The specifications of hotel slippersWe are going to discuss how to design a slipper from a set of specifications, which can be easily implemented with machine learning.The product instructions of hotel slippersHotel slippers are often forgotten at the bottom of the closet, or left by guests to be found by housekeepers.As a result, it is important for hotel managers to have instructions on how to maintain these slippers.The instructions for hotel slippers are relatively easy and should not take more than 3 minutes. How do you make sure that the instructions are clear and easy to understand? First, you need to gather all your content in one place before writing it down.The application of hotel slippersNowadays, not many people have the chance to experience staying in a hotel that still uses slippers as towels. Slippers are often a form of comfort and in this case, it doesn't get any better than lounging around the hotel by wearing these slippers at night.As with everything else, there comes a time when actually staying in hotels has changed - maybe hotels are getting too small or they are no longer providing what we want from them. And if you're still hoping for some luxury while away from home, then you might want to consider wearing your own pair of slippers to the hotel for an extra sense of comfort and style.Hotels have gone through many changes since their first opening and some could say that they started out as something far less grandiose.
Three Main Types of Pillows
Ourlife is a longing process. Many generations transmitted the wisdom,their knowledge, skills and traditions to the next ones. Theirexperience is one of the most important things in the world. Andit was brought to us by means of proverbs and sayings. Sometimes theyseem to us ridiculous or out of date, but many of them mirror thefolk wisdom we went away from. Iremember that my granny often told me about the true friends - "Thebest friend of a girl is her pillow." May be it is so, but not allof pillows can be names with such serious word. So what does "thepillow" mean? Wikipediagives such definition "A pillow is alarge cushion support for the head, usually used while sleeping in abed, or for the body as used on a couch or chair". Alsowe can find the throw pillows (sometimes they are called tosspillows), which we needn't in our everyday life because of theirdecorative purpose and they are not obligatory for our healthcomfort. Thereare three main types of pillows for sale in any big store. They are bed pillows,decorative pillows and orthopedic pillows in accordance of theirusage. Thesize of a bed pillow depends on the size of the bed.The standard size measures out at 20 x 26 inches, the queen sizemeasures out at 20 x 30 inches and the king size measures out at 20 x36 inches. Forexample, a standard pillow fits a singlebed, while queen and king sized beds usually have larger pillows. Buteverything depends on your own taste - if you like big pillowsnothing can prevent to use the king size pillow with twin bed. Thereare several types of decorative pillows. They are throw(or toss) pillows, cushions and bolts, which are the special form ofthrow pillows. Athrow (or toss) pillows, are very smallamong decorative types of pillows. Usually they play the onlydecorative role lying upon armchairs, sofas or beds. I am afraid ofvery difficult sleeping on such pillows! Acushion is a large pillow for comfortablesitting or kneeling upon, for example on a ground, or grass, makingsofter sitting on a firm chair or stool. Normally cushions arestaffed with wool, feathers, polyester or even cotton or paper.Earlier they were used when praying. Orthopedicpillows are the pillow with medical inclination, designed to provethe body position while lying or sitting. Its design helps to curesome orthopedic problems when giving the right position and supportthose parts of body, which are to have more attention from themedical point of view. Thesepillows are traditionally made of foam and fiber, but today we cansee the new type of inner stuffing - memory foam. Ingeneral, the characteristics of those materials often similar, butthey differ in the way of coming back (or not) to the previous form,when body pressure ends. Ifeven orthopedic pillows have the medical aim it doesn't mean thatthey can be used only in hospitals or for unhealthy persons. No. Ifyou care about your and your family health it would be quite normalto buy such pillows for everyday using. Theyare able to help you not to get the neckand spine pains, for example. They can help to reduce such medicalproblems as sleep apnea, snoring or difficulty of breathing. Thereare many types of these pillows almost for every part of the body andyou will have opportunity to choose your variant. Ithink, that sleeping or sitting onorthopedic pillows really can bring the sweet dreams and relaxationfrom tiredness! And do you know that there is a neck pillow used bytravelers? Youcan find pillows of almost every forms, colors, themes and materials:round, triangle, square or rectangular; bigor small; of Asia, Egypt, Europe and other themes; of silk, velvet,velour, cotton, chenille or leather. They are various in prices -cheap, inexpensive, expensive and very expensive. They are very andvery different. Andthat is the most pleasant - it is not a very complicated work tomake contemporary decorative pillows byyourself. Dare ,and after all your pillow will be your best friend!
Know About Towel Meaning
An Introduction to towel meaningIn Jewish lore, it's what was inscribed on King Solomon's ring. He asked for a saying that would be true in all circumstances, as I heard it, and that is what he got. The saying is probably far older; it is, after all, evident to all ponderers. Probably the ability to figure that out is one of those things that separate us from the animals!How long can the salmonella bacteria live? (for example, on a countertop?)? of towel meaningOk, lets say you put a raw chicken on the countertop. It has some fluid in it and it runs out on the countertop. You wipe it up with a dry paper towel, meaning to wash the area later. Well you and your husband eat, and he says, honey lets get your sister to watch the kids, and go out dancing tonight., well he does not have to ask you twice, and you and your husband leave. One of your teen agers goes into the kitchen and makes a sand witch on the counter top. Remember it is dry.Now if the counter top had been wiped with hot sudsy water, or with a disinfectant, it would be safe, but now, even dried there is danger that some salmonella will get on the sand witch. Salmonella can remain viable from weeks to years. But most house wives wipe their kitchen counters down once a day.Event of towel meaningThe Buy InDuring The Buy In pre-show, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. faced Bea Priestley. In the end, Baker forced Priestley to submit to the "Lockjaw" to win.Preliminary matchesThe actual pay-per-view opened with Proud and Powerful (Santana and Ortiz) facing The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson). The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) sat in the crowd, and were greeted by The Young Bucks during their entrance. Santana and Ortiz performed the "Street Sweeper" on Nick to win. Afterwards, Proud and Powerful continued to attack The Young Bucks. Morton and Gibson jumped the barricade to assist the Bucks. Morton performed a "Front Flip Piledriver" on Santana and then a "Suicide Dive" on Ortiz and Sammy Guevara.The second match pitted "Hangman" Adam Page against Pac. Page performed a "Dead Eye" on Pac to win.Next, Shawn Spears (accompanied by Tully Blanchard) competed against Joey Janela. In the end, Spears and Blanchard performed an assisted spike piledriver on Janela on the outside of the ring. Spears then executed a "Death Valley Driver" on Janela to win.Afterwards, SoCal Uncensored's Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky defended the AEW World Tag Team Championship against The Lucha Brothers (Pentagón Jr. and Rey Fenix) and Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen) in a three-way tag team match. Sky and Kazarian performed an "SCU Later" on Kassidy for the win. After the match, SCU stablemate Christopher Daniels returned from injury and saved Sky and Kazarian from the Lucha Bros, attacking Pentagón Jr and Fenix.In the next match, Riho defended the AEW Women's World Championship against Emi Sakura. Riho hit Sakura with a double knee strike before rolling her up to retain the championship.In the penultimate match, Chris Jericho (accompanied by Jake Hager) defended the AEW World Championship against Cody (accompanied by MJF). Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, and The Great Muta were introduced as the judges to determine the winner in the event of a time limit draw. Cody attempted a "Suicide Dive" but Jericho avoided it, resulting in Cody landing head-first, busting his head open on the entrance ramp. Hager struck Cody and was ejected from the match. Jericho struck Cody with the AEW championship belt for a near-fall. Cody performed "Cross Rhodes" on Jericho for a near-fall. In the end, Jericho applied the "Liontamer", and MJF threw in the towel, meaning Jericho retained the title. As per the stipulation, Cody can never challenge for the AEW World Championship again. After the match, MJF initially consoled Cody before attacking him with a low blow and leaving to loud boos from the audience.Main eventIn the final match of the night, Jon Moxley faced Kenny Omega in an unsanctioned Lights Out match, a match not officially recognized by AEW. Throughout the duration of the match, several weapons were used, including glass, anchor chains, trash cans, a screwdriver, a barbed wire bat, and a barbed wire broom. Late in the contest, Adam Page and The Young Bucks appeared and delivered a platform of barbed wire for Omega to use. The plan backfired, however, as Moxley performed a suplex on Omega onto the structure. Omega performed a "V-Trigger" on Moxley through a glass display by the entrance. Moxley performed a "Snap Double Underhook DDT" on Omega for a near-fall. Moxley pulled back the ring mat, exposing the wooden boards beneath. Omega performed a "Snap Double Underhook DDT" on Moxley onto the exposed boards for a near-fall. Omega attempted a "Phoenix Splash", but Moxley avoided and performed a "Paradigm Shift" on Omega on the boards to win.
Living Room Decor: 5 Products That Will Instantly Give Your Room a Makeover  | the Times of India
01/6Living room decor: 5 products that will instantly give your room a makeoverOne can easily bored of a certain decor theme that lasts for more than 6 months. While getting fresh new paint is definitely a monetary investment, there are also various inexpensive and quick ways to overhaul your home decor. Rearranging your furniture, replacing or relocating your accessories are activities that do not require plenty of effort and still make a huge difference. Rearranging your furnishing or art on wall is another way that will make a huge impact in changing the look of your room.Here are 5 products that will give your room an instant makeover-02/6Rearrange the FurnitureThe furniture in your living is probably something that occupies the maximum space-physically and visually. Rearranging the sofa and easy chairs would definitely bring a new look to your living room. If all your furniture faces the television, try adding or subtracting accessories or lamps near the television unit. Putting a piece of furniture at an unexpected spot will also give you fresh new perspective on managing your living room.Image source: unsplash.com03/6Replace the throw pillows and cushionsCushions are the perfect decorative accessory. They add color, pattern, texture, and comfort to just about any space. Cushions and throw pillows have the ability to change the look and feel of a room instantly. So if you want to give your living room a fresh look without replacing any of the major pieces , try switching out the cushion covers for new ones or getting a few in different shapes and sizes. It may feel like a small change but would have a big impact.Image source: unsplash.com04/6Change the lightingLighting in any room has a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. If your room features the simple and functional bulbs or tube lights, it is time to change them up and get yourself a brand new chandelier or a floor lamp. If you have something heavy and bold like bulbs, switch it out for something light and airy like LED lamps. If you have something modern, switch it out for something traditional like a vintage lamp. The design you bring into your room would decide the vibe of it.Image source: unsplash.com05/6Style the books on the bookshelfDoes your living room features a bookshelf? An extremely easy and quick way to bring a change to your living room is to arrange the books based on colour. Books arranged based on their colours would look aesthetically appealing and would encourage to keep them in place at all times. You can also use the bookshelves to display accessories and even lights if you can find a creative way to display them. Stacking books horizontally and vertically also creates a visual direction for the eye, making your living room pleasing. Image source: unsplash.com06/6Edit the decor pieces and accessoriesAn easy way to change the look of your living room would be to remove a few pieces and accessories. If there are decorative pieces in the living room like floral displays, artefacts, or sculptures, try putting them in some other room for a few days. Subtracting pieces from the home will also ensure an effective decluttering process. While decorating generally means adding pieces that add more appeal, removing few is a novel idea that can also help you de-stress. Removing decor pieces will also help in making your living room airy and spacious. Image source: unsplash.com
Top 5 Table Linens for the Modern Home
The introduction of table linensWith the introduction of table linens, dining tables have become a lot more stylish and even more functional. Companies are now looking for stylish and functional table linens that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also sturdy and easy to clean.Tablecloth shopping is getting easier with the increased number of online retailers. Some companies have taken it upon themselves to create their own tablecloth lines which they can sell online or in stores.Tips for table linensAll the time we see tables that are poorly designed. That's why table linens are so important to make a great looking table.There are many different types of table linens you can use for your table. Some popular ones include lace, damask, and tartan. The most common type of linen you likely already have in your home is a regular piece of cloth that is not too fancy.How to use table linens?Each type of table linens has its own purpose. You can use them for a formal event or a more casual setting.Whether you are hosting an elegant dinner party or simply having a nice meal with your family, table linens can make your guests feel more comfortable and the venue look nicer. However, it is important to note that not all types of table linens are appropriate for every event.When picking the right type of table cloths and napkins, consider the occasion, style preference, and overall feel of the room. There are many types of table linens out there so it is important to do some research before making any purchases to ensure you find what will work best for your individual needs.The specifications of table linensThe specifications of table linens might seem mundane, but these specifications are important in order for the table linens to suit your taste and preferences.The most common factors that go into choosing the size of table linens are personal preference, the style of your restaurant and the type of event you are hosting.Table linen size is measured by how much cloth covers a square foot or a square meter. The most common sizes are 4.5 inches by 6 feet, 5 inches by 8 feet and 10 inches by 10 feetThe product instructions of table linensUnderstanding the product instructions for table linens is essential for a customer's satisfaction. Table linens are made of different materials and have various features.This article will help you understand what material is used to make table linens, the key features that come with each material, and how these materials should be cared for.Table linen care is very important because it affects their durability and longevity.The application of table linensThe need for table linens is likely to be on the rise as more and more people turn to a more digital lifestyle.As people are taking their meals away from the table, many fear that the use of table linens are going to decline. But there is no need to fret, since a variety of new applications provide a wide range of uses for these often over-looked and under-appreciated pieces of fabric.The best thing about table linens is that they can be used in ways that complement your decorating style without being too overwhelming or expensive. They can also turn any room into an elegant dining room with modern styling and sleek design without breaking the bank.
Packing List for Travel with Kids
A good packing list can mean the difference between a relaxed family vacation and a stressful one. If you have traveled with kids before, then you probably understand the importance of packing carefully. Even if you are only embarking on an overnight trip, taking the time to bring anything your children might need will allow you to avoid last minute shopping trips in unfamiliar locations and spend more time enjoying being with your family.Bring durable, stain-resistant clothing that's easy to clean. Frommer's recommends avoiding light-colored fabric, which can easily be stained, and packing lots of denim, which can be spot-cleaned. It also recommend packing lighter to leave room for souvenirs for your children. Don't forget bibs, a diaper kit and baby bath towels for young ones, and swimsuits and beach towels for all your kids.Pack all the health supplies your kids will need. Bring prescriptions, vitamins, pain killers and a first aid kit to treat minor scrapes. Pack over-the-counter medicine for colds and fevers, as well as allergy pills. That way, you will be prepared in case your children come down with a minor illness.Packing enough food for your kids will make things easier for both you and them. Bring sandwiches, bagged carrots and celery sticks, snacks and juice boxes, along with baby food for the younger ones. Bring a durable canteen or water bottle, especially if you are going somewhere hot.Bring a variety of entertainment for the kids. If your children have favorite books, bring one for each child. Puzzle books, crayons, paper and other portable art supplies such as pipe cleaners are also a good diversion, particularly for younger kids. A pack of cards or some travel games can keep both adults and children entertained. For older kids, pack an MP3 player or portable game system.Bring equipment for any recreational activities your children will enjoy on the trip. For a beach vacation, bring a Frisbee, beach ball or portable badminton set and inner tubes or water wings. For a hiking trip, bring hiking shoes for the kids and binoculars to enjoy the wildlife. No matter where you are going, bring a camera. If your kids like taking pictures too, buy them disposable cameras. That way, if the cameras get lost or broken, it won't be too big a deal.Isaiah David is a freelance writer and musician living in Portland, Ore. He has over five years experience as a professional writer and has been published on various online outlets. He holds a degree in creative writing from the University of Michigan.
Mexico a Perfect Holiday Destination of Latin America
Mexico has long been a well-known holiday destination owing to its beautiful countryside picturesque landscape and culture. Now is also a major destination for Canadians and Americans for yoga retreats. The following are some of the places you visit during your vacation in Mexico:El ZocaloThis is a famous tourist spot surrounded by the cathedral square, coffee shops and has a historical and architectural value. The best time to enjoy the square is at night, when surrounded by tourists and a visitor to enjoy it's a band playing in the center. When on a vacation to Mexico, you can always enjoy a great night to visit the place and see dancing and listening to music outdoors.Palacio de Bellas ArtesThis white marble structure is another famous tourist spot in Mexico and is located in a corner of the Central Alameda. The Palace also shows museums as the Museum of Architecture and the Museum of Fine Arts Palace. With an art center and a huge concert hall, the place is often surrounded by tourists and visitors waiting to experience the wealth of sculptures, paintings and art for your holidays in Mexico. Museums also have a collection of renowned artists such as David Alfro Siqueiros, Diego Rivera and Rufino Tamayao. The glass curtain theater stage is another major attraction that draws many tourists and visitors.Templo MayorA vacation in Mexico is not complete without a visit to the main temple of the Aztecs, which has a rich historical value to. Built in 1375, the temple was rebuilt and enlarged at different stages. The museum also features an extraordinary museum, which displays artifacts or objects excavated at the original site and these relic items with a global summary of the Aztec civilization. The stone work of art is also a reason to vacation in Mexico to visit this resort. There are many Latin America tour operators who can arrange your visit to Mayor temple.GuanajuatoFounded in 1558, this colonial jewel of Mexico is a city with a rich historical background and is worth a trip to when on vacation in Mexico. This city gives a touch of history and beauty of its national holiday in Mexico, with its impressive architecture, old buildings, narrow valley, museums, churches, irregular streets, but beautifully situated and houses, hiding places, tunnels and steep stairs to reach the houses built on slopes. The city is a major tourist spot since being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.Zona RosaThis region is the central destination for tourists and visitors seeking a relaxing holiday in Mexico. The place is home to the nightlife of shops, restaurants and dazzling, with streets showing surprising shops, bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants.The ideal time for a vacation in Mexico in July and August, October and May for during this time the weather is mild. Mexico is beautiful during the day, the country truly becomes alive at night when people think out of the woodwork to enjoy life after the sunset. Crowded nightclubs, bars are celebrating, and there is always a feast or festival to enjoy. So want to enjoy a thrilling stay in Mexico than contact your travel agent and get best Latin America travel deals.
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