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An Introduction to fuzzy bathrobe

Kamarion,Whoa! Hold your horses young lad. If you want to be Marine infantry you should have no trouble for Marines ARE infantry. They are amphibious infantry who specialize in going ashore and holding a beach against overwhelming opposition.

And if you are a Marine you ARE on the front lines even if you are in a combat support role.But for now I would recommend reading everything you can get your hands on about American History, World History, and Military History. The more you read the better you will write.

If you write really well you will succeed in any walk of life.Work on your math. If you want to enlist you will have to take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery). If you ace the math section you will qualify for many technical specialities.

There is a stereotype about combat officers, promoted by MASH, that they are brutal war hawks who love sending young men into the "jaws of death." Sometimes this is true as when generals in WW1 "tried to defeat the machine gun with young men's chests" as George Will has written. But in most cases, military officers have been serious intellectuals who have dedicated their lives to studying the "art of war.

"There is also the wisecrack that "military intelligence is an oxymoron." We just saw how an odd duck in a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers like LCDR Joe Rocheford determined that the Japanese fleet was headed for Midway.So, Kamarion, lay off the war movies and hit the books.

I read years ago that the Marine Corps has a reading list of classics in military science that enlisted men and women are expected to study in their off duty hours. I don't know if they still require this but if they do you will be ahead of the game. Put down the cell phone and get to the library.

Understand Fuzzy Bathrobe 1

This whole "kneading" cat thing, what is up with my cat? of fuzzy bathrobe

I also have a cat who does this, and it might be because of the texture of the robe. We have a soft fuzzy blanket, and the working theory is that he was taken away from his mom too young; one of the other things kneading does is it's basically a 'milking' motion. Because the blanket is so soft and fuzzy - and maybe too because the person under it is so nice and warm - for these once-abandoned kitties, they have some sort of strange notion that the person is 'mom', and the kneading and 'chewing' is the act of feeding.

I really don't know how you would stop this, except to get a bathrobe made out of a less fur-like material, like waffle weave or silk or something. I have baby kittens right now who do the same thing with my (fuzzy) bathrobe - but they're so cute I don't mind

My dad needs ideas for my moms of fuzzy bathrobe

Mom gifts can be tough (especially for Dads)

The best thing my husband ever got me was a two day vacation to the beach (Halfmoon Bay in Cali) he got the room and had it decorated with candles and flowers and had my favorite book sitting on the bed.

It was relaxing and EXACTLY a Moms paradise....two days to bubble bath and read or watch a movie and just veg out.

I know this is not the cheap route but it was by far the best gift I have gotten....

A little more cost reasonable would be a fuzzy bathrobe in her fav color with bath salts or bath beads and lotion with a CD of rainforrest or nature music to lock herself in the bath and relax.... put it all in a basket and wrap it....


Simply write her a letter telling her all the wonderful qualities she has and why you adore and appreciate her with a gift card to her fav place to shop so she can get herself something without possibly being dissappointed.

DEFINATELY DO NOT............ get her an animal, or any living thing that she will have to care for, any appliances ie; blender, vacumm (even if she said in November that she really wanted it), lingerie (women hate this for Christmas- it is a valentines day type thing) or clothes- it is best to let her shop for herself).

Hope that helped!

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