Am I Right That the End of the Hair Is the Part Furthest From the Scalp? How Do You Make Sure You Ap

FredYes, you are correct, the end of the hair is the furthest from the scalp. It is also referred to as the ends of the hair.One way to make sure you apply shampoo to the scalp and conditioner to the ends, when showering, is to first start by getting hair very wet. This is a common misconception hair consumers might have about wet washing or shampooing their hair.They may not have a clear understanding of the importance of getting the hair as wet as possible before applying any shampoo and/or conditioners.Start By Getting Hair WetStart by getting hair very wet by standing in a lukewarm shower or washing hair in a sink or tub. If you wash hair in a sink or tub, it may be helpful to use 1 or 2 clean gallon jugs filled with lukewarm water to pour over the very top of the hair to make sure the scalp and all of the strands get wet.Sometimes not enough water flows from the faucet to adequately get hair wet enough for a great wet wash.To Apply Conditioner Just To The EndsIf you want to have conditioner on your hair while you apply shampoo to the scalp take the following steps:After getting hair very wet with lukewarm water, gently accordion squeeze the hair, from below the earlobes, to the ends. nnIf you have short hair, just accordion squeeze the last few inches of hair right above the ends.nnNote: An accordion squeeze is just like playing the accordion. You use your fingers to gently squeeze strands of hair to remove water. Pour the desired amount of hair conditioner into the palms of your clean hands. Lightly mix the hands together making sure to get some of the conditioner on your fingers.Lift the ends of your hair and finger pick the conditioner completely through the ends of your hair. nnYou can always add more or less conditioner, depending upon your goals for the ends of your hair.After you've applied the conditioner to the ends of your wet hair, rinse your hands so that all the conditioner is removed.Apply a similar amount of shampoo to your hands and fingers. Once the shampoo is mixed into your hands and fingers, apply to the very top of your head where your roots are located. nnDo not rub vigorously or scrub. This will potentially damage hair which is most delicate and fragile when wet.Once you've applied shampoo to the top of your head, apply the lukewarm water to run through the shampoo and lightly swish your hair to form a soft suds. nnAllow the suds to lightly flow down and over the rest of your hair. nnPat, do not rub, the suds into your wet hair. nnKeep in mind that the suds will also run down over your ends, which are covered with conditioner. nnThe bottom of your hair will be coated with conditioner and thus not impacted by the shampoo suds.Once you have swished and patted the shampoo suds throughout your entire head, rinse your hair completely.nnAs you rinse the shampoo from your head, you will also be rinsing the conditioner you previously applied to your ends. After both the shampoo and conditioner on the ends have been rinsed out, you have the option to apply more conditioner to your entire head of hair, not just the ends.nnWhether you decide to do that or not is up to you and depends upon the type, texture, overall condition (healthy or damaged) of all of your hair.nnMost people do not apply conditioner directly to the roots since it may weigh it down, but this is less a risk if you apply and then rinse it out. If you decide to add another layer of conditioner to your entire head, before doing so, do another accordion squeeze to your entire head of wet hair from the roots to the ends.nnIt's important to remove excess water before applying conditioner since too much water remaining in the hair will dilute the conditioner and render is less beneficial.nnAccordion squeeze hair to gently remove moisture and then apply conditioner to the palms of your hands and fingers. nnApply to your wet head starting right at the top of your earlobes (unless you also want to condition the roots) and finger pick and swish rinse out conditioner to the rest of your hair, including your ends.nnAllow conditioner to remain in hair for up to 5 minutes as you finish your shower.If you don't want to add another layer of conditioner after your first rinse, then slowly turn water to cool/cold temperature. nnRinse hair completely and finish with a blast of cool/cold water. This closes the cuticle and adds shine.Gently accordion squeeze as much water our as possible without over squeezing hair.Blot hair dry with a 100% cotton shammy, old clean t-shirt or microfiber towel. Apply leave-in cocktail consisting of, but not limited to leave-in conditioner, heat protection product and gel, mousse or similar.nnYou can also add a little extra conditioner to the ends if you wish to or feel they need extra protection.Air or blow dry as desired.nnIf your ends are damaged, avoid directly heat to the ends as much as possible. nnConsider using a diffuser when drying ends or dry on the lowest, coolest speed and setting the dryer allows.Any time you want to guarantee that shampoo will be applied directly onto the roots and the majority of the head, or conditioner will only go on the ends, start by applying the products to the palms of your hands and fingers.When you apply either shampoo and/or conditioner to your hands, you can control exactly where the product is applied to your head. If you just pour shampoo and/or conditioner onto your head, you have less control where it lands and/or flows.Many people who have damaged ends or mid-sections will take a layered shampoo/conditioner approach. They might apply shampoo to the top of their hair and conditioner to just the ends or even the middle to the ends. When it comes to wet washing hair, there are many combinations of shampoo and conditioner you can experiment with.Please let me know if you have any other questions.Best wishes to you."I neither sell nor promote any companies, their products, nor do I have any online shopping outlet of my own to promote. What I write is based on my own experience and belief in the techniques I share."

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Am I Right That the End of the Hair Is the Part Furthest From the Scalp? How Do You Make Sure You Ap 1

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