Melted a Microfiber Towel on Brand New Glass Cooktop--help!?

I made the same mistake with wiping the hot stove with the microfibre cloth. Tried all the above methods and none worked. Not even the googone

Melted a Microfiber Towel on Brand New Glass Cooktop--help!? 1

1. How many ounces of paste do I need to wax my toyota camry 2010?

you only need 1.. that paste should last for you about 15 waxings, if not more heres my how to: 1: wash car: hopefully you already know that this does 2. clay car -this removes contaminants stuck to the paint, that normal washing wont get off. You can also clay your windows/wheels etc. I suggest Meguiars smooth surface clay kit. 3. Paint cleaners(aka polishes): These remove oxidation/scratches/stains/etc. They have no protection at all. Different strengths for different paints. I suggest starting with Meguiars Swirlx, and if needed, then step up to Meguiars ultimate compound. Apply in a 16x16 in. section with a microfiber applicator. Work it in for about a minute and wipe off immediately with microfiber towel. Inspect results, repeat or move up to a more aggressive product. Switch to a new pad after every couple of panels, since product and paint will build up in the pad, making them less affective. 4. Pure Polish: These help the paint shine by adding oils to the paint. But do not add protection either. Work best on darker colors and cars with single stage paints. But can still work good on lighter colored cars. Its really optional, since the paint cleaners mentioned above have polishing oils in them. But if you have single stage paint, then definitely use it. Use meguiars deep crystal polish, or their #7 polish. Just kind of message them into the paint, in a 16x16 in. section for about 40 seconds. then wipe off immediately. These can be a real pain to remove. 5: wax: locks in polish, adds protection and shine. Apply using microfiber applicator and spread a thin even layer all over your car, not getting any on plastic/vinyl/pourous surfaces ( itll stain). Let it dry to a haze (usually 15-20 minutes) then wipe off with microfiber towel. Suggest meguiars nxt 2.0 tech wax or their gold class wax

2. Melted a microfiber towel on brand new glass cooktop--help!?

It should peal off with any sort of hard sharp flat scraper. If that fails turn your cooktop on low until the microfibers start to melt then use paper towels. As a last resort turn the stove on high until the melted cloth turns to ash. The last suggestion will cause LOTS of smoke

Melted a Microfiber Towel on Brand New Glass Cooktop--help!? 2

3. Where can I get a microfiber towel to use on my hair that won't cost too much?

try bed bath and beyond.. they have average prices and if they are too high they also have these 10% off coupons you could get in the mail or maybe online

4. How can I keep my car clean on the outside?

1. wax your car if you dont already 2. use some quik detailer or quik wax its not used for washing a vehicle, just to clean dust off of it, etc like yoru situations just mist it on wipe down with microfiber towel

5. Where do these scratches on my car come from?

1. if youre going to the car washes with those brushes, then yes, they can cause swirl marks/scratches, if you go to automatic, use touchless 2. the dealer couldve also put a wax on your car, to hide them, 3. I would suggest Meguiars Cleaner Wax, to get your car looking sharp again apply wtih microfiber applicator remove with microfiber towel 4. black is one of the hardest paints to take care off it shows every little thing yea, stop going to car washes with brushes and NEVER use regular towels on a car Microfiber only and if your going ti wipe the dust off use a detailer spray, thats what theyre for

6. How do i fix a key scratch on my car?

that depends on how deep the scratches are meguiars ultimate compound microfiber towel then wax it afterwards

7. Terry cloth, sponge or microfiber towel to wash car?

Terry cloth wo not scratch micro fiber is very fine sand paper

8. What is the advantage of microfiber towel ?

Unlike ordinary cotton towels, push the dirt and dust from one place to another. Microfiber towel actually gets underneath the dirt and lifts it from the surface. It then stores the dirt particles in the towel, until it is washed. So you do not need chemicals to help you to clean. Microfiber towel is very absorbent and can hold up to times than several its weight in moisture. 6.Microfiber dust cloths are safe on all surfaces.

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