The time to relax and have fun, you can enjoy summer with our beach blankets and towels that let you enjoy your time on the beach. Beach towels and blankets are ideal for your fun times with your friends and family.Going to the beach can be fun but having to deal with sand all over your house, car, and personal items aren't fun to clean.

Beach blankets and Beach Towels are ideal for everyone on beach days. The bigger size is great for napping out in the sun with your favorite people by your side. Having food is never a bad idea on a beach picnic.

Our XL beach blanket is the ultimate option for picnics on the sand, by the pool, in the park, or after a hike. It keeps the sand, dirt, or grass out of your yummy treats. It can also serve as a great background for your creative Instagram picture.

Beach blanket has so much room for activities. It is the perfect addition to any outdoor party. Bring it to any of your next party to be praised for being the best host or a guest!Explore some of our classic products in this range -Multifunctional Round Beach Towel Yoga Mat Table Cloth and Beach Blanket 100% Polyester 58″ Diameter - Assorted Designs:Bring all the fun with this stylish Round Beach Towel on your vacation, beach or day at the pool.

Featuring Be Like A Mermaid theme for your relaxation with very soft comfortable against your skin and absorbent. It can be used as Beach Towel, Beach Blanket, Table Cloth, Yoga Mat, Tapestry Wall Hanging, Area Rug, and Couch Throw. Fabric Type: 100% Polyester and Measures: 58″ in diameter.

Machine wash in cold water, use mild detergent, bleach when needed & tumble dry low.Classic Cabana Stripe Oversize Beach Cotton Towel 30″x68″:Go out and brighten up your day on the beach or pool on this lovely Cabana Beach Towel. Crafted with 100% cotton terry cloth material super absorbent and soft for your skin.

It features good quality and perfect for your outing for summertime. Available in 3 colors Blue, Green and Yellow, Measures: 30″x70″.Want to play outside! The extra space on our XL beach blanket is great for playing cards or board games with your friends.

From monopoly to charades, the game option possibilities are endless.Crover Vintage Style Velour Oversize Cabana Bath/Beach Towel Super Soft and Absorbent 60″x70″ 100% Terry Cloth Cotton 1103 gram:Pamper and Refresh yourself to enjoy the maximum comfort of these Luxurious Vintage Style Velour Oversize Cabana Terrycloth Bath/Beach Towel. Just Relax and feel the softness of this high-end Beach Towel that features breathable characteristics for your body.

Perfect for your collection and Gifts for your loved ones. This towel provides overall satisfaction due to its Superior Absorbency, Comfortability, and Durability of material quality. It can be used as Bath/Beach towel, Outdoor Picnic, Parks, Swimming, etc.

It's made of 100% Velour Terry Cloth Cotton and measures 60″x70″Our beach blankets cater to varied age groups from children to adults, from Disney or Marvel collection to classic and vintage style blankets.Superman Symbol Shield 60″x30″ Beach Towel:Superman Justice League Superman "The Man of Steel" Symbol Beach Towel 30″ x 60″Approximate size: 60×30 in, Color: Multi & Fabric Type: 100% cotton officially licensed Beach Towel. Machine Washable!!!Beach blankets are making waves everywhere this summer, easy to clean, easy to maintain and can be used for different activities.

Stretch out, lay back and enjoy endless comfort during your time in the sand and surf this summer


What is the best place to find custom embroidered patches?


This is absolutely depends on where you are staying. There are two ways you can get the custom embroidered patches


Local Shops

I have done some research on the places you might get the embroidered patches but I would prefer it to buy it from local shops so that the shipping is fast and secure.

Here are the list of sites you can buy customized embroidered patches depending on your location,

UK : Patchion .uk

Ireland: embroidered-patches .ie

Germany: wundernadel .de

Poland: Naszywki .pl

France: Patches .fr

Austria: wundernadel .at

Czechia: vysivane .cz

United States: e-patches .com

Canada: e-patches .ca

Australia: patchoz .com

If you are a No-Profit organization then I would recommend you to check with Mundi Plumarii Foundation: Mundi Plumarii Foundation

- They have some amazing collection of embroidered patches for your needs.

I hope this helps.

Thank you.


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