Banquet Chair Covers and Tips for Choosing Them

Are you looking for a set of new banquet chair covers? Consider browsing through this article for tips and advice that may help you locate the product that will fit your needs, whether it's a banquet, wedding reception, or anything else.

One of the most important aspects to take into account and decide on is the material of your new covers. Today, there are a few popular materials used in their making, and each has its specifics. One of the popular choices is satin - a smooth, shiny fabric made of synthetics or silk. Satin items typically cost more than others, but they can give a very festive ambiance to any event or dinner. A couple of aspects you need to note about satin: it's not stain-resistant, and it may require a more thorough and time-consuming ironing.

Another popular choice is polyester with spandex. Polyester is extremely stain-resistant, it makes for firm-fitting banquet chair covers, as well as it's easier to care for. It requires only light ironing; the wrinkles can even be eliminated using steam. There are different types of polyester, including disposable. Disposable synthetics are the most affordable option, as they can be reused several times, provided that they are not too badly stained.

Different materials require different care; learning how to care for your material properly will help it last longer. The fabric may have specific wash, dry, and ironing suggestions. The general tips are: wash like colours with like, bleach only white, wash cool, tumble dry low, and avoid using Laundromats as they use excessively high temperatures that can damage the product.

If you were thinking of renting banquet chair covers, you may want to think twice. If you plan to use them a few times, you can buy them in bulk and save a nice chunk of money compared to renting them each time. Obviously, the more you buy the more you save. Bulk orders may also be eligible for free shipping.

If you are looking for chair covers with sashes, note that sashes are often sold separately.

What colour should you choose? It will depend on the type of event that you plan to hold. The most popular colour for wedding receptions is ivory. The next popular one is black. Other popular colours for banquet chair covers include: taupe, gold, dusty rose, burgundy, royal, navy, and hunter green. If you need chairs for a children's party, you may consider purchasing neon colour items, such as neon yellow, orange, pink, or green. An important aspect to note is that retailers often run out of the most popular shades (ivory and black), so make sure to order them at least two to three weeks in advance.

Prior to making a purchase, you may also want to check the dimensions of your chairs, especially if they are not the standard banquet or folding chairs. Make sure to at least measure their backs, seats, and height top to bottom. Many items come with a money back guarantee, so you can return the banquet chair covers if they don't fit you.

Banquet Chair Covers and Tips for Choosing Them 1

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